Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Homeschool Crafts

We checked out several Christmas craft books from our local library. Most were junky twaddle, but we managed to find one very good book.
175 Easy-To-Do Christmas Crafts by Sharon Dunn Umnik (Editor.)

Thomas decided that he needed to make all our Christmas cards by hand this year. He used many ideas from the above-entitled book. We also made several projects from the book.

I'm sure this homeschool will be finding glitter scattered throughout until Easter. Then we'll switch to finding Easter grass until Christmas.

We liked this book so much that we checked out others that were in the same series:
175 Easy-To-Do Everyday Crafts
175 Easy-To-Do Thanksgiving Crafts
175 Easy-To-Do Easter Crafts
175 Easy-To-Do Valentines Day Crafts

Some of those books are more appropriate for the younger set and didn't appeal to my 10-year-old son. They are great crafting books, though.

Christmas Blues

Well, Christmas is fast approaching. I always get the Christmas blues.

Christmas was mom's favorite time of the year and she made it very special for everyone. I always felt her love at Christmas as it just overflowed. She spoiled me rotten with gifts, love and laughter. We played games, we shopped, we giggled. That magic is gone forever.

Mom's been gone for 12 years now. Christmas has never been the same. I've had to create new magic for Thomas, my son. I have had to become a very good actor because those Christmas blues really do hit me hard.

Here's to the memory of mom. The good, the bad and the ugly -- Christmas always brought out the good in her.