Thursday, April 03, 2008


We're home. Thomas and I, and Apollo and Tesla, arrived late this afternoon. Bob had a delicious dinner in the oven waiting for us. We were overjoyed to see our cats.

Bob was amazed at how Tesla and Apollo had grown. He said they left as puppies and dogs came home. I'll have to snap a photo in the next few days to share. Also amazing, Thomas grew 1/4 of an inch while gone. I guess all that fast food and hospital food agreed with him.

I am in a very melancholy mood: It's good to be home, but my heart is very heavy.

We'll resume school on Monday. I need tomorrow to relax. We had originally planned on leaving Denver Monday, but I just couldn't. There were many things to do, and I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I needed rest before the two-day drive home. I worked, but was able to rest and not work at such a fast pace.

Our drive through Nebraska this morning was pure hell. Down poor, white-out conditions when truckers passed. It was awful. Many times I was tempted to pull off and find something to do, but I plugged along. We were at Omaha when the rain finally lightened up.

I need a day of nothing. I'm going to take it tomorrow.