Thursday, May 22, 2008

Goodbye, Dad

Dad passed away May 17.

Thomas and I hopped a plane on a Tuesday -- I think it was the 6th. We bought round-trip tickets planning to return the following Tuesday. We gave up our tickets. (Hotwire is nonrefundable.) We ended up returning just tonight.

This trip cost us a couple thousand dollars that we didn't have, but it was priceless. We got to spend the final weeks with dad.

I had the honor of taking him outside for his last cigar. Dad enjoyed watching Thomas climb a tree on the grounds. We all enjoyed talks while he could, and then later just holding hands.

Dad was moved from the hospital to the VA. We were so impressed with the care he received.

I am numb, exhausted, and sad beyond belief. I am relieved that dad is not suffering any longer, though.

Driving home from the airport tonight, Thomas stated that he felt as if a part of him died. I feel the same way.

My heart aches.