Sunday, June 24, 2007


Thomas and I arrived in Denver late yesterday morning. It was a safe journey and mostly fun.

I had planned on getting off I-25 as quickly as possible, but braved the bumper-to-bumper traffic and drove it all the way in. For that, I am very proud of myself.

Dad looks much better than I thought he would, but he says he doesn't feel well. He tires quickly.

I probably won't blog much because his computer is *so completely messed up* that I cannot repair it. I've run scan disk, defrag and deleted temporary files, but it takes a few minutes for a page to load, Ugh.

Yesterday I did grocery shopping, unpacked, and insisted on Taco Bell for dinner. Today I cleaned his laundry room, his kitchen -- the fridge was a nightmare -- and bathroom, did four loads of laundry, tried to fix the computer, sorted through a box of his railroad papers, cooked supper, emptied garbages, started reading a book, ate two cinnamon rolls, and putz-cleaned -- ran around the house and picked up, organized a bit.

Tomorrow we're going shopping and to lunch and will continue to sort his papers.

I'm exhausted already and we've only just begun.

This computer is going to drive me crazy.