Tuesday, August 15, 2006

And so it goes

We've been trying to enjoy the last bits of summer here. The pool closes this week and we'll hit it two more times. The county fair starts today and we're going tonight. We didn't finish many of our projects for the fair and so Thomas only entered two things. Thomas designed and made a newspaper box for me. He also entered a buzzer he made in scouts. When we were at the fair yesterday entering his projects, I felt so bad that I didn't push harder to get things done.

We all vowed to enter something next year. I know I said that last year, but I really mean it. My husband is going to paint a picture. Thomas has the list of things that he was going to make for this year, and I'll have to think of something for me to enter.

We will also check out 4H. Actually, I told my husband that *he* gets that honor. I do too much with scouts, homeschool, play dates, field trips, etc. It's DH's time to take something on. To my surprise I found out that DH was in 4H when he was a kid! You learn something new every day.

All three of us are enjoying the six new hermit crabs we bought a couple weeks ago. I need to post pictures because in an ugly sort of way they are cute. I still can't hold one. I've lasted for about two seconds. I can pick them up by their shells, but they're just too creepy looking and I don't want them climbing on my hand. They are a lot of fun to watch. Many times I'll get up in the middle of the night (insomnia!) and turn the black light on and watch them. They are very active then.

Last night Thomas and I were picking up and organizing the school room. He came across his logic book, looked at the first page and freaked. What is a hertzog? I don't get it! Mom, you can't make me do this. Oh, the horror. So just for fun, I grabbed a pencil, told him to breathe and let's figure it out. I told him that when the book came I had to call dad in to help me figure out the first page. I was freaking myself because I didn't get it. Well, once he calmed down and got some oxygen in his system, I slowly read the directions and then said let's attack this head on. He looked at the page, then looked up at me and screeched: I GET IT! And he did. And then he proceeded to work the first 15 pages of our logic book within about five minutes. He wanted more, but I told him to stop because we needed to save some for school. I have a feeling I'll be buying more logic books this year. And that's okay! =)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Look! Our fantastic science experiment...


Warning: This post shows the author has no class, no decency and extremely questionable housekeeping skills.

Further proof that I am not a domestic goddess. Went on a major grocery shopping spree and had to do a quick clean of the fridge to get it all in. This nice little item was up on its side in the far right back behind two cases of pop. Who knows how long it was there.

We all got a glimpse and said, "Cool" in unison. lol

Now if you *really* knew me, you'd know I wouldn't be showing my faulty housekeeping abilities online with photos. But I have to disprove the theory that I am a dosmestic goddess. Will this one get me off the hook?

I will admit that this was the worst thing I have ever found in my fridge in my life. But as I said, it was also cool. We all looked at it for a good five minutes. And it didn't really stink, either.