Saturday, January 07, 2006

What's worse than a troll?

A message board where a few members go overboard and start posting people's phone numbers and addresses!

Fact: We know there has been a troll.
Do we know who the troll was? Nope, all we have is the IP. We do not know who was sitting at the computer typing.

Please, people -- get some friggin' brains. Don't be posting names, phone numbers and addresses. The name posted could be a completely innocent person.

Facts, we need facts -- and we'll probably never get them.

That all said, I do believe that the troll is a homeschooling mom, not a man like claimed. With profiles disappearing all over the internet, it is highly suspect. But I just can't understand the reaction of posting phone numbers and addresses online. What if they post the wrong phone number and address and there's some "idiot" on the board that actually calls? Let the webmaster deal with this. They're good at banning people. Or better yet, just complain to the troll's internet provider. Call your local police if the troll commited fraud against you. Use the proper channels.

I guess my 11 years' of legal experience is showing. I think it's dangerous to start posting numbers and addys.

I was going to write about the Sago Mine Tragedy tonight, but once again, my thoughts were sidetracked.

Holy cow, I cannot believe trolls. I know they're out there, but boy did I get the wool pulled over my eyes. I guess I need to join the club, there were many of us fooled.

Persona #1, I'll call jmom, well -- my heart ached for her and her kids because her husband died. One day I was perusing the board and a troll was on and said something nasty about "jmom." I was so concerned because she was very fragile at that point. Luckily the moderator took care of it immediately and I even thanked the moderator. Boy, was I duped. Jmom was probably the troll herself.

Persona #2, the sad mom with a pregnant 12-year-old daughter. Once again, I was snowed.

Persona #3, "Jane" -- man, I couldn't stand that woman. It's funny because there really aren't any people that I really dislike on the board -- well a very small few, I guess. That Jane chick really annoyed me. I had to bite my tongue and tie my fingers. I never wrote anything online, but there were a few times that I said some expletives to the computer. It's good for a 10-year-old child to walk into a room and catch his mother cussing at the computer, right? Just kidding, he was out of earshot.

I think "the board" counted six different names the troll was posting under. I do not use my real name on the internet, never have. I am, however, consistent in the name I do use -- except I changed it for this blog. Someone that I admire very much told me last week that I was very frank. I had never considered myself frank. I thought about it awhile, and she may be right -- thus, Frankie Straight was born.

The troll didn't make me angry, just made me feel kind of stupid that I didn't catch on. I remember when "jmom" was hospitalized, and I just thought it was really strange. If I had lost my husband, I would really jump into mom mode and be strong and take care of myself -- I think. Sometimes you just have to do things for your kids' sake that you don't want to or feel like doing. Taking care of oneself is how you get through things -- so you can be strong for the kids. Kind of like putting on that oxygen mask on an airplane before you put it on your child.

I think that a lot of good came from that troll, though. I wonder how many moms had conversations with their kids about sex because of the troll. That's a good thing. Information is power. I could tell that many moms were very squeamish about broaching the subject. I never have been. My son knew the mechanics when he was in kindergarten. DH and I sat down and had the talk. I think it is empowering to a child because then you can better explain the good touch/bad touch and inappropriate actions that can be perpetrated on a child in terms that they understand.

Oh, what a night.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Our First Week Back

The first week back to school post-vacation went very well. I tweaked our schedule quite a bit. For starters, I actually *used* a schedule. Before vacation, we were taking sometimes up to two hours to do math. I made a schedule, and we followed it -- and it worked very well.

The one big tweak did was Friday fun day. I changed Fridays to fun stuff, such as art, piano lessons, geography -- and of course DS requested typing. It was a big hit. It was also a big relief for me because I was able to get a lot of my home ec stuff done.

I seem to recall when DS was in public school, their Fridays were pretty limited in what they did. It was goal day, if the kids met their goals they got a movie. So I won't have guilt over having a fun Friday on my schedule from here on out.

Pat Robertson


'nuf said

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

I'm the old dog. Can I learn to write? That's the main reason I started this blog. It flows just like I talk: discombobulated. Argh. Maybe I'll get better with age. Maybe I'll start writing as well as I did in college. Shees.

I know you can teach an old dog some things. I am learning almost as much about history as DS is. I am really enjoying our time together curled up in the big chair together reading and learning. I also get a kick out of the "public school" comments DS makes on a frequent basis. "Mom, in public school they taught us X, Y and Z. They were wrong! I'm so glad we homeschool!"

Even if I wanted him to go back to public school (which I don't) he never would agree to it.

What did this old dog learn about history today? Well, I learned about Squanto. I knew nothing about him. I must have been absent that day in school. Also, I learned the Pilgrims did not wear buckles on their hats, belts or shoes. One source says it was just made up, another source says it was common dress in the Salem area in the late 1600s. I guess I'll find out when we start studying Salem.

We really enjoyed reading the book Don't Know Much About the Pilgrims by Kenneth C. Davis. In fact, I also have his book Don't Know Much About History. I've heard he's too "liberal." Hmm. I use the History book as a reference book for school. When my mom died several years ago, I found that book on her bookshelf and asked dad if I could have it. I guess this old dog was absent many days during school, because I never learned 3/4 of what is in that book!

This old dog has learned more since high school/college graduation than I ever did in school. I love self-motivated study.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I was wrong, very, very wrong

We had one of the best homeschooling days ever today. DS woke up early, showered and was ready to go before 8 am. WOW. First on the calendar was typing. He absolutely loved his typing book. It was amazing to actually watch him improve. The rest of the day was wonderful.

I felt like sharing a lot tonight, but I just am not in the mood. Just heard on the news that they found one of the West Virginia miner's bodies. My heart aches for the families, the miners and the community. I also ache for all those suffering from fires. There is so much happening in the world right now. Sending love, positive and healing vibes in all directions.

Monday, January 02, 2006

After-Vacation Blues

School starts back up for us tomorrow. We did a test run today. Made DS go to bed at nine, and I took a sleeping pill at 10. At 11, I awoke to DS climbing in bed with us and having a long, drawn out conversation with dad. Neither of them bothered whispering. I have suffered from insomnia for years and if I wake up, I'm done for. I ended up getting up and working Sudokus until 2:30 am.

I climbed into the cramped bed and promptly passed out. I awoke at 8 am to the phone ringing. My dear, sweet husband was calling to wake me up. I got up, took care of the dog, drank two cups of coffee, contemplated a shower, but that was just too much work. I did a couple Sudokus instead. Then I started morning chores and got the house all spiffed up. Then I woke DS at 9:30. He had the crabbies -- bad! He was almost crying stating that he didn't get *any* sleep last night.

It's all my fault. I let him stay up way too late during our vacation.

His bedtime used to be 10 and he'd get up between 8-9. I informed him his bedtime is going to be 9 from here on out. We need to get started earlier -- at least I'm feeling pressure to conform to "normal" schooltime standards. Or perhaps it's just because I want to watch Oprah in the afternoon instead of doing school.

I don't know. My mind is still in a fog.

All I know is that tomorrow will be a bear. He'll be grumpy, I'll be grumpy and I'm betting it will take the entire week to get back into a routine.

What a way to start a new year! lol

Frankie -- nightowl to the core