Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm not the only one...

in a bad mood right now. Misery loves company, right? It makes me feel "less alone" to know that others are cranky right now, too. The first two blogs I read tonight were on this very topic of being in bad moods.

I've been miserable for a couple weeks.

Heat. Freon leak in the air conditioner. No central air.

If momma ain't happy, nobody's happy. Amen to that.

We've had problems with our air conditioner all summer. There's a leak and they can't/haven't/won't (whatever) find/fix it. A week ago Thursday I called, the repairman came out in the evening, added freon and it quit three hours later. He came again Monday to add freon but not look for the leak. It lasted less than three hours. He said he'd be back...he didn't show this week.

Because we are homeschoolers, we happened to have an unopened bag of 10 thermometers. We opened the bag and all are taped to walls in each room now. We've experimented with how to keep rooms cooler. We've determined which room in the house is the coolest -- the master bedroom, thanks to our ash tree. We've also determined that a kitchen that is constantly 89-93 degrees sucks, to put it bluntly.

Some may think I'm being a whiney baby. (My dad, my sister and probably some of my friends.) We did, after all, have two days of heaven on earth yesterday and today with highs in the 70s, but during our last heat wave it was miserable. Living in Minnesota also means living with humidity. High humidity. It means that a kitchen that is 93 degrees is actually over 100 degrees if you factor in the humidity/heat index. Next week we're expecting another heat wave.
Whine, whine, whine.

My plan of action is this: Monday morning I am calling the repairman and demanding a date certain when he is going to tear our unit apart to run the dye tests to find and then fix the leak. If it is not Monday or Tuesday I'll say thanks, hang up, and start calling until I find someone that can come Monday or Tuesday. This thing is getting fixed now.

I don't know a single person in my little town that does not have air conditioning. When we were looking for houses here nine years ago, the thing we found amazing was that even the cheap, run-down $30-40,000 houses had central air. We moved here from western South Dakota. A place that is not humid. A place that we lived 10 years without air conditioning, one year with. It's different here. The air is so thick you can't breathe.

On a brighter note, we were able to be outside today because of the lower temps. We went to a nearby town that was having city-wide garage sales. What a blast we had. My reluctant shopper (Thomas) scored bigtime.

We parked the car and walked blocks and blocks hitting sales. Then we saw a sale in a church. Thomas didn't want to go in, but being the shopper I am, I insisted. Payday. I was looking at the toy section and unearthed a huge box (18-quart roaster box) 3/4 full of legos. We figure there are a few thousand in there, including a Harry Potter set! $15 for the entire box. We guessed it was several hundred dollars worth of legos. And poor Thomas had just been complaining that he didn't have enough legos to build anything really cool. lol Thomas and the neighborhood kids sat in our driveway tonight for hours and built and built and built! Way cool.

Thomas also scored on the pet front. I blogged a long time ago about hermit crabs. Well, this procrastinating mom had not ever purchased the crabs and setup. Well, today we found two hermit crab habitats, complete with toys, dishes, even food. $3. (I'll probably throw the food away) The nice lady even told us where we can get hermit crabs in our mail-ordering! We'll drive 60 miles to buy some crabs.

We also picked up two 10-gallon aquariums. Every garage sale has these it seems, but we got them for $1 each. (We were promised they don't leak -- lol) One has a lid, the other DH will build a lid for. I think we'll use one for more hermit crabs and I don't know what we'll use the other for -- I guess it depends whether they leak or not. I'm sure Thomas will waste no time figuring that out.

We spent five hours at garage sales today. Got home, ate a late lunch and I completely passed out for an hour. While it was cool today, I think that the heat has drained me so bad that I could barely function.

And back to our air condition woes, one more story. Last Sunday it was so hot here that I turned into a raving mad woman. Much to my husband's dismay (spending too much money) we ended up at our local Holiday Inn for the night. We swam in the pool, enjoyed ~hot~ Godfather's Pizza while basking in the 68-degree room. (Yes, I took a thermometer!) We swam some more, then I made Thomas get out of the pool.

Why? There was a family swimming. They had a very tiny baby in a diaper. Okay, now when Thomas was a baby we took him swimming in a diaper, but that was before we learned of e coli in swimming pools plus it was before the swim diapers were invented. Now that bothered me but not enough to get out of the pool. They also had a son, cute as the dickens, about 4. He was having a blast until he jumped in and bit his lip. He started bleeding profusely. Okay, maybe not profusely but with a mouth injury, the saliva makes it look profuse. So instead of getting the kid OUT of the pool, they sat him on the edge of the pool and used the pool towel. The towel was blood-soaked. He was dripping blood, dangling his feet in the water, and he dropped the towel in the pool THREE times. I had Thomas out of the pool, and I marched straight to the room and called the front desk. They came and made them move the child away from the pool. Then they left. They didn't close the pool, and I don't think that they added any chemicals. Now I know for a fact that they close and treat the local public pools when something like this happens.

What bothered me was we watched people get in the pool until 11. I know the likelihood of the little boy having any bad diseases is probably nil, but it *really* grossed me out. Enough so that I may not visit a motel swimming pool for a long time.

That's about it from the raving mad woman.

Oh, did I mention how hot it's been lately?