Thursday, June 15, 2006


The rumors about the company laying off 70 people were only partially true. They laid off 20. Thankfully my husband made it through. My heart aches for the 20, though.

I was going to make sloppy Joe's for supper tonight. We decided that we needed to celebrate and go out to eat instead. How I wish we had an Olive Garden or a Cracker Barrel in town. We'll have to settle for the local Mexican restaurant. Luckily, the food is good there.

I was supposed to receive a Fed Ex shipment from Amazon today. I was all set to pour over new books tonight. It didn't come, darn it all. At least I can still look forward to its arrival -- plus the Rainbow order. I did get the new Rainbow catalog in yesterday's mail. Sadly, it was raining and a good portion of the catalog was soggy! I put it in front of a fan last night so the pages are dry and stiff. It seems to be thicker than last year's. Even with funky pages, I'll still spend countless hours enjoying the catalog wishing I were rich -- or had $8000 per student like the school district has. lol

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Toying with Ideas

I have a lot of ideas I'm toying with in my brain...

1) Actually *starting* summer school.

2) Starting working on our daily chore cards again. Today I did manage to place them out on the counter, but we didn't do the chores. It works SO well when we do them...I just have the summer "don't-cares."

3) Cleaning out my basement. In the winter I always think what a great summer project that would be. Now that it's June, I think it would be a great winter project.

4) Starting Weight Watchers again. I am miserable, but not enough so to get off my butt and do something about it. I've been toying with this one for months. Once I actually start, I do great. It's just starting.

5) Setting up my cheap-o plastic outdoor table and doing school outside, in the shade.

6) Cleaning out the schoolroom. We're awaiting the arrival of lots of new stuff and I have no where to put it once it gets here.

7) Starting our county fair art project. I have everything purchased, a list of what to do...just need to do it. Oh, I guess we did start...Thomas is making a newspaper box with his dad. They started this past weekend. It is really cool to peek out into the garage and see my little baby -- I mean my big 10-year-old cutting wood with the band saw, the hand saw, a jig saw, running a sander, etc.

I have the summertime relaxed-mode feeling and just don't feel like putting effort into anything that isn't fun. Gotta get over that!


My husband came home yesterday after work and informed me that there is a rumor floating around, from a very reliable source, that his company will be cutting 70 jobs from three plants this week. We're scared, but they've been doing layoffs since we moved here. Yuck.

My sunroof button broke in my car and so now it doesn't want to close. It's just by pure luck that I quit pushing the button at the right time to make sure it seals. I see a big bill on that.

It is 68 degrees today, has been raining the majority of the day, and humidity is 90 percent. We had the air off all morning but everything in the house is now sticky. Can't catch a break on the electric bill today, will have to turn the air on to control humidity in the house.

And to top off the lovely day I seem to be having, my son and I just arrived home from the library. He decided he wanted to do the library's summer reading program. The director came out to sign him up and Thomas's brain disappeared. He didn't know what grade he had just completed. I tried to make light of it and said we homeschool so we're not into the grade thing. Well, then the form required the school name. Thomas looked up at me in a panic and said, "Mom, how do you spell school?"

Okay, earth, open up and swallow me. This child is not the best speller in the world but he has been writing the word school for years now. And it was right on the form in front of him. Good grief! I joked, "Well, obviously we're not the best homeschoolers around."

On a brighter note, we did get his standardized test scores back and he did extremely well once again -- except for spelling. He scored at grade level in spelling. I think I'll have him write "school" on the white board 100 times this afternoon. Not.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Guess what I bought!

My husband is going to think I have flipped my lid. My son probably won't know what they are -- well, that's an exaggeration, but he's certainly never seen one in my house or on me.

I was shopping on Ebay the other day and I bought myself two


Yup, the old-fashioned kind that go over your neck, tie in the back and have pockets. One is a very pretty floral and the other is a solid color. My husband will think that I've stepped back in time and turned into a 1950s kind of gal. He knows me too well and would never even hope that I would become subservient, though. ;-)

Actually, I am just a slob in the kitchen and I am sick of getting my shirts dirty. I thought an apron would be nice when cooking and then doing dishes.

I'll be anxiously awaiting their arrival. Only time will tell whether or not it was a stupid waste of $3 plus $6.95 shipping. lol