Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Our Sad Thanksgiving News

The cowboy, also known as my father-in-law, passed away tonight.

He fell and broke his hip the morning after we left. So his passing, is a blessing because he won't have to suffer.

Our hearts ache, but I can't help but think about what a wonderful life he had. He was 81.

We will be spending Thanksgiving on the road again. Another nine-hour drive. This time our beloved dog will be joining us. I'm sure that will be an experience. Instead of chancing finding an open restaurant on the road, I am packing leftover meatloaf sandwiches. We are looking at that as a fun treat, as we all love meatloaf sandwiches. So, I am very thankful I made a meatloaf for supper tonight!

I told Thomas that some day after the new year, we'd have a real Thanksgiving meal and celebration.

I want to wish all my virtual friends a very happy thanksgiving. I am thankful for the blogging community, my blogging buddies, and my group buddies.

Will be back in a week or so.

Free Lapbook

I woke up this morning and headed straight for the computer with coffee in hand. I hadn't read The Well Trained Mind boards for a long time so thought I'd make a visit. I usually just read their curriculum board.

Someone asked what a lapbook was and someone answered by stating there's a free download right now at So for grins and giggles, I visited homeschoolestore, made an account and downloaded the free lapbook.

The download is for the Project Pack Continent Studies Asia by In the Hands of a Child. It is a multi-grade level. Normal price for this book is $18.

I downloaded it, opened it up and looked it over. Actually, I was quite impressed. We typically shy away from lapbook type projects because Thomas thinks that kind of thing is busy work. That kind of project just isn't suited to his learning style. When I was a kid, it would have been right up my alley.

I think when the time comes, I'll print it out and have Thomas actually do it.

Anyway, just thought I'd share the link as I love finding free goodies.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Evan Moor

This is for Mull-berry and anyone else who did not know this.

You can go to Evan Moor's website and look at many of their books online. Many of them you can look at the entire book.

I like many of Evan Moor's products, and I love the fact that they are confident enough to let their customers check out their products. Two thumbs up for them!

Mull-berry, the nonfiction book you asked me about in the comments section is one of the books you can look at. Rather than me giving my opinions, you can look at the entire book and make your decision.

I have problems opening their page-by-page book function up on my old computer that runs on Windows 98. In fact, it will completely freeze up my computer every time. I have no problem viewing their stuff on XP, though.

Not Suitable for Children who Love Seasme Street

Monday, November 20, 2006

Nine hours of this -- twice

A view, just past the Minnesota/South Dakota border. (I think -- it all looks the same.) This is what we saw for nine hours straight. I personally find the wide open spaces refreshing and beautiful.

We are home safe and sound. It was a very sad and difficult trip. I know it will be the last time we see the Cowboy alive. He gave us all a good hand sqeeze before we left, which was heart-warming.

I decided to give my husband some alone time with his mom and dad, so Thomas and I did a little sightseeing one day. We drove the Wildlife Loop of Custer State Park, toured Mt. Rushmore, went to the three open stores in Keystone and visited my old stomping grounds in Rapid City. November is just not a very good time for tourists in the Black Hills as not much is open!

My husband and I also went to the grocery store for my MIL. Thomas stayed behind. It was so strange to be alone with DH! We could not remember the last time we were alone together since beginning homeschooling! I'm not counting the times Thomas spent the night with friends, because we always stay home. We were actually out and about. We enjoyed our hour, short as it was.

I'll upload some pictures soon of our day out. I am counting it as a school day! For now, I feel so behind because I haven't bought anything for Thanksgiving dinner, I have to get my dog out of the kennel, I have to pay bills, yada, yada, yada.

It's good to be home.