Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Evan Moor

This is for Mull-berry and anyone else who did not know this.

You can go to Evan Moor's website and look at many of their books online. Many of them you can look at the entire book.

I like many of Evan Moor's products, and I love the fact that they are confident enough to let their customers check out their products. Two thumbs up for them!

Mull-berry, the nonfiction book you asked me about in the comments section is one of the books you can look at. Rather than me giving my opinions, you can look at the entire book and make your decision.

I have problems opening their page-by-page book function up on my old computer that runs on Windows 98. In fact, it will completely freeze up my computer every time. I have no problem viewing their stuff on XP, though.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. I definitely prefer to preview before buying. :-) Steph (3feistykids)

mull-berry said...

Thanks ... I'll check it out right now.

Anonymous said...

I love this about Evan-Moor! We have used their materials for years. My kids especially enjoyed the History and Literature pockets.