Friday, September 29, 2006

Proof positive

Your Depression Level: 16%

You aren't depressed, and you probably already knew that.
Like everyone else, you have ups and downs.
But unlike most people, you've mastered keeping your mood stable.

10 years ago

You've Changed 48% in 10 Years

You've done a good job changing with the times, but deep down, you're still the same person.
You're clothes, job, and friends may have changed some - but it hasn't changed you.

Ten years ago I knew that you're was a contraction for you are. I still know it today. Do they ever proofread at blogthings? Sheesh.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Global Warming

Sick Day

I'm taking a break...from lying in bed.

I awoke this morning feeling icky. I had promised Thomas cinnamon rolls, so we popped them in the oven. I ate a couple, as did he. We started school. About 10:30, I simply had to lie down.

I have some bug and have been sick. Without getting descriptive, the kind of sick where you aren't lying down too long.

UGH yuck yuck yuck

I am whiner, hear me whine.

I went to the fridge to get a pop and ended up getting ticked instead. The husband drank it all. Damn. I could really use something carbonated right now. Jerk.

My internet addiction led me to the computer to check email and blogs. (Simply have to get my mind off things, ya know.)

Thomas did all his schoolwork that he doesn't need my help with or my instruction. He then climbed in bed with me to read. This afternoon I think I'll have him read some more.

I'm going back to bed.

I might attempt to get a pop first.

We might do grammar this afternoon. As payback for the husband drinking all my pop, I'm going to have him do math tonight. Thomas doesn't like math. Thomas is a royal pain when doing math. Yeah, that will serve the husband right having to do math with Thomas.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Coming up in the world

Our small town is getting bigger. Thomas and I took a little drive and determined the rumors are true, work has begun on our new WalMart SuperCenter. The newspaper confirmed it today. This past weekend, we hit city-wide garage sales and then had lunch at our new Wendy's, which I don't think is even a year old yet. It was an educational lunch, as the three of us ate our lunch staring out the window, watching the brick workers doing their brick work on our new Starbucks. Because dad was along, Thomas was able to learn all kinds of terms that I wouldn't have known or thought to share with him. It was fun to watch.

I've been thinking about all our progress. One thing I hated upon moving to this tiny town was lack of shopping. I know WalMart is controversial, but I am thrilled. Our town has a very small Kmart and a very small Shopko. We must drive 20 miles to hit a WalMart, and I wouldn't even describe that as very small -- shoe box is how I usually refer to it. Anyway, I don't know that a fast food joint, a coffee shop and a WalMart Super Center are "good" progress -- but I know two of the three will make my life happier.

I worked at Wendy's while I was in college. Yes, back when the phrase "Where's the beef" was popular, those TV commercials were running nonstop. It used to drive us nuts, all the people who were just so clever walked in and asked us, "Where's the beef?" We had to wear those stupid buttons, too. I wish I had kept mine, I bet it would be worth $5 on Ebay today. Anyway, I am partial to a Wendy's hamburger. Whenever we used to hit "civilization" or in other words, a town of relative size, I always wanted to eat at Wendy's. Now it's five minutes from my house. And I don't even abuse it. I probably go once a month, if that.

Starbucks. I don't think I've ever had a Starbucks coffee. My sister may have bought one for me while we were visiting my dad in Colorado, but I'm not sure. At any rate, I'll call myself a Starbucks virgin. I used to make fun of people paying $3+ for a cup of coffee. Why, I can buy a whole can of Folgers for that on sale. That was my justification -- make my envy go away with a frugal comment. I am excited to have an expensive cup of coffee every once in awhile -- as long as it's good. I asked some friends awhile back for recommendations. I don't want to go into Starbucks and look like a virgin. I want to know what I'm talking about. Well, I know I'll go in there looking like an idiot anyway. I like very strong coffee. (I use six scoops in my Bunn coffee maker! 2 regular and 4 unleaded, always Folgers.) I like cream. I used to use the powder, but have switched to fat-free half and half. If I make a pot in the evenings, it's still as strong but all decaf. (Gee, think this influences my insomnia???) I love my coffee, and I'm anxious to try Starbucks. So I guess it's a good thing, unless I become addicted, then I'll have to worry about my wallet.

Progress. Now if only we could get some liberals here, get out of our 50-year-behind-the-times lifestyle that people in this small town are stuck in, that would be *real* progress.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I need some recommendations

Our microscope just isn't working out. It's a few years old, but it was cheap. Basically, it's junk.

Today we tried looking at skin cells and neither Thomas nor I could see. When DH came home, he took it apart, cleaned the lenses, and it still didn't work. You get what you pay for. We paid under $100 for this thing and it wasn't worth that much.

We need a new one. Something under $200. We need something that will last years. Something that is good -- well, as good as can be for that price.

DH told me to start researching, to check Carolina Biological, Edmund Scientifics, and I thought I'd check out as well.

I'm clueless, though. Thought I'd ask for recommendations first.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday night ugh

I did not seem to get refreshed over the weekend. I need another day to rest before starting in on school, but I know that won't happen.

My insomnia was in full force and effect last night. I was up until 4:30 am and finally drifted off to sleep after 5. DH gets up at 5, even on the weekends, and we talked a little when he got up. I slept until 2. Yup, 2 in the afternoon. I woke up with the nastiest headache that I couldn't shake. Whine, whine, whine. Didn't get hardly anything done on my to-do list today. Monday will be rough here because of it.

Finally around 5 pm my husband noted that I had not had any caffeine today. He made me a pot of coffee. Amazing, after lots of pill popping, a head massage by both DH and Thomas, it was a cup of coffee that took that nasty headache away. Thank goodness.

Once alert, I sat and did Sudokus and watched the last half of North Country. Good movie, only I'd like to see the first half!

I did manage to order some new books. I ordered three books from Amazon. Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations -- to teach me how to interact with people. Well, to teach me how to deal with a-holes. I'm not good at it, but now that I'm older and wiser, I'm standing up to people. I just want to learn to come across less bitchy and more effective. These books were recommended to me by an awesome speech teacher who is starting up a coaching business as well. So I'm anxious to get those.

I also bought a silly little book that had an Amazon 5-star rating with almost 200 positive reviews. I think some of them are shill reviews, but they can't all be. The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. From what I gather, it's a cognitive therapy-type approach, or a brainwashing, to help you learn to stop smoking. Let's see, in the past I've tried gum, patches, cold turkey, and have been prescribed Welbutrin but didn't take it because I heard nasty things about the drug. I've even tried putting a rubber band on my wrist and snapping it every time I wanted a cigarette. I've tried chewing on pencils, suckers, hard candies, too. None worked. So I'll give this a shot. I figure one of these times it's got to work. Either that or my I'll just continue to feel like a failure. Damn, I hate addictions. This is why I do not drink alcohol. Addictive personality.

I also placed a small order at Rainbow. We're still struggling with spelling, and after looking at tons of recommendations, sites, programs galore, my try will be with Megawords. We'll try it a few weeks and see if I need to do a weekly spelling list, and if we do, I have one printed from Everyday Spelling. Ugh. Thomas is a good rule follower, and I think Megawords will present the rules well enough for him plus giving him some practice. Time will tell.

Broke down and bought Trail Guide to US Geography, too. I just don't have the time to figure out an organized program with Mapping the World by Heart -- right now.

Thomas was rather cute when I told him I bought some new supplies. He said, "Wow, thanks, mom, for taking care of me and providing me with the supplies I need." lmao... In the next breath he gave me his birthday request list. Butter me up, kiddo. He's learning. ;-)

Here I sit on the computer with several loads of laundry that need done, trash that needs emptying, dishes that need washed, menus that need planned, floors that need vacuumed.

Time to do a 30-minute crazed woman sweep then taking a sleeping pill and hope it will knock me out.