Monday, September 25, 2006

I need some recommendations

Our microscope just isn't working out. It's a few years old, but it was cheap. Basically, it's junk.

Today we tried looking at skin cells and neither Thomas nor I could see. When DH came home, he took it apart, cleaned the lenses, and it still didn't work. You get what you pay for. We paid under $100 for this thing and it wasn't worth that much.

We need a new one. Something under $200. We need something that will last years. Something that is good -- well, as good as can be for that price.

DH told me to start researching, to check Carolina Biological, Edmund Scientifics, and I thought I'd check out as well.

I'm clueless, though. Thought I'd ask for recommendations first.



wisteria said...

Try They are a homeschool family and love homeschoolers. They have many levels of scopes. They may have what you are seeking.

mull-berry said...

First of all, we do not have a mircroscope (but would love one!). The following are recommendations previously from WTM board, Elijah Co, etc.

Sonlight Microscope

Last May, Spunky gave one away: (see May 8, 2006 entry)

Paula’s Archives - microscope selection

Brock Magiscope

If I remember correctly, the Brock has fewer moving pieces and is better for taking into the field. While Sonlight is the more traditional one.

It seems as though there is another that has been recommended iin the $400 price range that was excellent. Maybe cause it was a industrial strength for school use.

HTH! : )

mull-berry said...

Also, do you have a copy of the 2005 Elijah Resource Guide?

They no longer have their store, but they have a few copies of the guide left over. I think $5.95 covers s/h, etc.

Anyway, I always appreciated their advice and hs choices since they homeschooled their three boys. Their curriculum choices reflected the needs of boys.

In case you don't have the guide, they recommended "Spelling Power" for spelling.

Meg L. said...

It's not nearly as much fun, but remember that you can find pics of just about any slide on the web.

Anonymous said...

i'm gonna make my own site about it