Thursday, September 06, 2007


What to do, what to do.

Last year we started Spanish. We have my husband's college text, workbook and tapes. While it is a college program, it was easy to break it down into bite-sized pieces. We did a few chapters and the stopped so we could work on vocab.

Well, then when I found out the Homeschool Co-op was going to do a buy on the United Streaming, I went ahead and signed up for the 30-day free trial at US. I did buy the HS Co-op version, which won't take effect for a few weeks. We used this a lot today and really enjoyed it. It's too bad they don't give homeschoolers the full version, but even when we get the reduced version after our free trial, it will still be great.

Anyway, Thomas and I have watched about three lessons of the Spanish program on US. Thomas hates it. I don't care for it. Bob and I watched one together tonight. We watched a unit 7 lesson to see what it was like further down the road.

There are pros and cons to doing hte US Spanish lessons. Pro is it's darned easy for me. The big con is that I don't like the instructor. Bob and I made fun of him the whole time we watched. (Thomas was outside playing and didn't get to witness his elderly parents being immature!) And it's not him, actually, it's his presentation. Just a tad bit too happy and geeky or nerdy or I don't know.

So my dilemma for the week is this: Should we go back to the text, or should we do the US Spanish.

I never took Spanish so it is like me taking the class, too. That's why the US is good. However, I'm good at learning on my own, so that's why the text would be good. The tapes are great, although we have to buy a new tape recorder because mine broke and I'm not moving my boom boxes because they're set up and I'm lazy.

I need the homeschool fairy to wave her magic wand and make the right decision for me.

Aside from that, Thomas LOVED his grammar book that I got for him. I'll blog about that after we've gone into it a bit more, but I know from his reaction today, it will be a huge hit. He also told me school is easy this year. Huh?? I told him he couldn't base that on the first day, as it was a light day. But he loved the online Science program. Another purchase through the Homeschool Co-op. A friend in DC mentioned it and I checked it out and signed us up for Life Science and Earth Science. It is the CyberEd class. So far, that's great.

Tomorrow we're going to do another light day, but still get some work done. I bought and washed five Haines t-shirts so they're ready for Thomas to decorate at will. I have a bunch of dyes, fabric markers, paints, etc., for him. I am going to make him a homeschool t-shirt, so he only gets to make four shirts. We've done this over the years and he loves his homemade shirts. So I'll have to dig my camera out tomorrow to bring back some pictures here.

Well,l the sleeping pill has kicked in. Hopefully I'll sleep, and sleep through the night, and not have any more weird dreams. Hopefully I'll be alert and refreshed tomorrow. (I'm betting we take a nap again, but we'll persist until we get a good routine down!)

Day One Sixth Grade

We're probably the last of homeschoolers to officially start up, but we did just that today.

Bob woke me at the ungodly time of 6:30. Oh man, was it tough getting up that early. I showered and did my hair real quick then went to wake Thomas. He was awake! That early! He was getting dressed. Most importantly, he was in a fantastic mood. (Did aliens come into my house last night and steal my child, replacing him with a morning bird???)

After much debate over our breakfast dilema, we decided to go to McDonald's. Half the fun is being out and about instead of waiting for a school bus. Thomas had McDonald's hot cakes and I had an Egg McMuffin. Yum.

We started school at 7:45. In the morning. Thomas and I. Pinch me, I must be dreaming. Thomas worked hard today and he was cheerful to boot! He worked fast, too. I'm hoping that continues through the school year! By 9:30 we had done all of our language arts, which is a lot this year as that's the major focus, logic, reading, science, and US history. By 9:30 this morning we were both yawning and about to fall asleep standing up. So we snuggled up and put a SOTW CD in. We both passed out.

An hour later we both woke up and hit it hard again. We finished up math, I read aloud, and watched a show on United Streaming.

Bob came home, we all had lunch together. We watched another United Streaming show and Thomas is reading a book on Concord and Lexington.

Holy cow. This isn't like us!

I hope this early morning rising and hard working theme continues this year!


Perhaps this is in very bad taste, but I'm going to post it anyway. The guy ticks me off.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We want a new pet

Perhaps a penguin would be nice!