Sunday, January 25, 2009


Summer Fae has tagged me.

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Random Things About Me:

I love coffee and drink it all the time. I make one pot of half-caf in the morning and drink decaf the rest of the day. I use just a pinch of fat-free half and half. I must drink it in one of my latte cups.

My husband is one foot taller than I am. (He's 6'5")

I do several Sudokus every single day.

I have lived longer in my current home than anywhere else in my life. This is my least favorite home, neighborhood, town and state of anywhere I have previously lived. There is nothing to do here. It's too darned cold in the winter and too darned hot and muggy and buggy in the summer.

I love museums. I love bookstores. We have neither where I live!

My secret desire is to own a hot tub.

I tag anyone who wants to play!