Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Pretty Puppies

Hot off the presses, Apollo and Tesla at play taken this afternoon.

Sick Boy

I wanted to take Thomas in to see the doctor yesterday. He insisted he was better and he didn't want to go. He threw up at 1:30 last night, and at 2:30 I was visiting Wal-Mart for some new cold meds. The old ones didn't work.

I insisted he get in to see the doctor this morning. Poor kid had a sinus infection and bronchitis. I told the doctor his grandpa passed away a couple weeks ago and the doctor nodded his head, then explained that his immune system was down from that. He just didn't have what it took to fight off that cold.

So he got a Z-pack (spg?) and hopefully he's on his way to recovery. He told the doctor he was sick of being sick.

I'm not glad that Thomas is sick, but I can honestly say that it has made one thing easier: school. Bob was insistent we start school immediately upon our return from Colorado. I didn't have it in me. Neither did Thomas.

So, I have officially declared June to be a school-free month. We'll be gone half the month, and we just need a break. Hopefully Thomas will enjoy some time off when he isn't sick.

Come July, watch out. We have to finish up some things and our standardized test comes in July. I guess that will work well because July is usually nasty-hot nasty-humidity here, so it's best to be inside then anyway.

And so it goes.

This year school has been tough. Thinking about next year was tough, too. Right now, though, I'm at the point that I'm ready for some normalcy in our life. I want next year to be a fantastic school year. We need that.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Humor in my Life

(Warning: Tacky, gross bodily function post ahead.)

Lately there hasn't been a lot of humor in my life. I still feel like I'm walking knee-deep through the water. However, last night Thomas and I got a really good laugh.

Thomas had been sick all day, not feeling well at all. He threw up once in the day and didn't quite make it to the toilet. I had to scrub the bathroom. Yuck. Well, lo and behold, later in the evening, the same thing happened. Got sick, didn't quite make it to the toilet.

I had been talking on the phone and really had to go to the bathroom when he got sick. I had to go before I started cleaning up. I had to step over a pile of it on the floor to get to the toilet. Knowing he missed the toilet by three feet, I didn't think twice about sitting down. Big mistake. I screamed out.

Thomas came in, saw, started laughing. See, he missed the toilet the first time, but made it to the toilet for the second coming. And he was lifting the seat as he was throwing up. It was clear so I didn't see it. And I sat in puke.

Ewwww. Gross. Gag. Sputter. Ewwww. That was one very nasty sensation. After I got over the gross factor, we both laughed and laughed and laughed.

So I had a bathroom and ME to clean up.

It's the small things in life that make us smile. Thomas laughed so hard that he felt much, much better. And that made me feel good. And I had to laugh at myself because I was too stupid -- um, didn't have the intelligence to check the seat first.