Friday, September 22, 2006

He works so hard

He really does work hard.

The darned cat follows us everywhere! On this occasion, the cat started flapping his tail into Thomas's pencil. Thomas was highly annoyed but got over it quickly.

Loving kitty.

Loving kiddo.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In case

Just in case someone is reading my blog but not the comments, I thought I'd share here what Becky and Julie found out.

The owner of has it set up so you can type anything in front of blogpot and go to his site. Just miss one little S and you're going to face that. So secular homeschoolers and/or Pearl "haters" aren't being targeted. It's everyone.

I read further that this same crackPot (great name, Becky!) also bought the right to, but I couldn't get any of the URL's from blogspot blogs to work there.


Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick.

I found more...

If you want to check your blog, make sure that you have just the address and nothing after. I originally thought Audrey and Sam had not been splogged, but then realized that their main page to their blog had "index" in the address. When I took that off, I found their splog.

Now here's my big question: Has blogPot taken over all blogspot blogs? I ask because I found many blogs I read, that are not homeschool related, to also have their own blogPt versions.

Well, I've given way too much time to this matter.

Back to school.

Too much time on your hands

Someone out there has too much time on her hands.

A friend visited my blog and wrote to me to let me know it was taken over. As it turns out, it was not taken over but it was "splogged." Someone out there with way too much time on her hands has started a new blog with the "S" omitted from blogspot. The splog site takes you to a very Christian webpage.

The website is called

I got to thinking, I wonder if some of my blogging-world friends got spogged.

Yup. I only checked a few of my blog friends, but here is the list with the FAKE addresses.

(The content on all the blogs is the same as on the original page.)
(notice they didn't use the correct address?)

Well, splog might not be the correct term, but we've been copied, that's for sure.

Comments, anyone???

Monday, September 18, 2006


Thomas played with some long-time friends last week. They are also homeschoolers. They live next to a creek. The kids were all filthy! What is it about a creek and kids? Instant fun -- hours of fun.

Thomas had already hosed off before I saw him. He only had mud remaining on his face. His clothes were soaked.

This was a play date that will stay with him forever. He talked about it all weekend. He even asked this question:

"Mom, would you and dad consider relocating? And if you would, could we please buy a house next to a creek?"

I wish we could. I love to let him play, explore and get filthy dirty. That's what makes a happy child.