Friday, September 22, 2006

He works so hard

He really does work hard.

The darned cat follows us everywhere! On this occasion, the cat started flapping his tail into Thomas's pencil. Thomas was highly annoyed but got over it quickly.

Loving kitty.

Loving kiddo.


Ms.L said...

aww,that's cute!

Meg L. said...

Maybe she wants to learn something as well? Maybe he can clicker train her to do some tricks? I just read a (serious) article about teaching dogs to read.

mull-berry said...

Our cat likes to play "Tail." Usually played when the cat has it's back to you and he keeps bumping you with it or keeps sliding it across your paper.

How to play ... let the cat slide it's tail a couple of times with no interference. Then put your pencil or hand in the path of the tail. Bump, bump, bump ... then remove the obstacle. The cat won't dare look with it's head but will try to find it with it's tail. Put the obstacle back in, maybe in a new place. About this time, the cat realizes that your are playing with it and will play along until it gets annoyed and leaves.

I like to think it is some intellectual bonding but I'm probably just a hearbeat away from a paw beating!

Let me know if it works!