Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I found more...


If you want to check your blog, make sure that you have just the blogpot.com address and nothing after. I originally thought Audrey and Sam had not been splogged, but then realized that their main page to their blog had "index" in the address. When I took that off, I found their splog.

Now here's my big question: Has blogPot taken over all blogspot blogs? I ask because I found many blogs I read, that are not homeschool related, to also have their own blogPt versions.

Well, I've given way too much time to this matter.

Back to school.


Julie said...

OK, this has really been bugging me.
I think they have it set up so that if you type in (anything).blogpot, that site will come up.
Like freakinweirdos.blogpot, and it shows up. BlogSpot does not have any freakinweirdos. Well, maybe, but you know what I mean.

Frankie said...

Julie, you're right. Becky at Farm School just sent me some links that state what you have stated. It also appears that the owner of blogPot also bought blogpsot.

So my initial thinking that Pearl haters were being targeted and/or secular blogs is wrong.

What an ass.

Jo said...

I think it's freaking hilarious!! What a moron!