Saturday, August 09, 2008

He's Baaaack

I drove three and a half hours yesterday to pick Thomas up. After an hour-long ceremony, which I'll definitely skip next year, (see that, NEXT YEAR?) we gathered stuff and left.

Thomas talked nonstop for the three-and-a-half-hour ride home.

He had a BLAST. He LOVED it. He was WIRED.

He asked if he can go next year. Of course!

He's very happy. That's just what he needed.

So we'll put money aside for camp next year. I also found that there are camps for kids with epilepsy out there. I think that would be wonderful for him, so he'll probably do two camps next year.

And now back to reality. This week is the county fair. We'll be entering his turkey. Usually we enter more stuff, but that's his best work and all he wants to enter. He also has his ENT appointment this week. He does not want his tonsils removed. He wasn't happy when he noticed that appointment on the calendar.

I worked very hard on getting his room in order while he was gone. I boxed up a bunch of stuff he no longer plays with. He's attached to his stuff, so I couldn't donate or toss, will just store the box and wait for time to pass. I didn't get the room finished, so he can do that this weekend.

We have the school room to finish as well. The floor is covered in wall-to-wall books. Last year we schooled at the kitchen table again. This year I'd like to do more in the school room again, just because it keeps my small kitchen less cluttered. In order to do that, I have to get my mess cleaned up. I'm the one that put the books on the floor.

Thomas's grandma took a spill and broke her wrist and a rib this week. We need to get out to see her, because we haven't gone since the Cowboy died. I'm so tired of traveling, but I think that's necessary. I don't know when we'll squeeze that in, but we must.

I'm loving this Saturday morning. My son is happy, confident and on top of the world. He needed that. As his momma, I needed it, too.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Yeah, It's Wednesday

And as soon as I posted my last post, I hit the camp website yet again. They must have heard me, because there were the photos.

This is what I know:

Thomas has changed clothes while he was there. lol

We spotted him in three pictures, and he didn't look unhappy at all. Whew.

That's all I know.

What I hope: That he's having a blast.

For Pete's Sake

What stupid idiot -- er, forgetful and preoccupied mother forgot to cancel her subscription?

I did.

I just got automatically renewed. We have 18 credits at

What to do?

I'm tired of planning school. I've cleaning to finish! What am I going to do with 18 credits?

Ideas? Anyone? Help. My brain just isn't thinking.


And just a rant, because I always rant. Dear YMCA camp, you know on your webpage it states that you will put camp pictures up on Wednesdays? Well, it's Wednesday. The pictures are not there. I have refreshed a gazillion times. Okay, there is one group picture, which I loved and spotted my Thomas in immediately,'s Wednesday, where are the pictures?

I've held my composure all week, I've dealt well. I've actually enjoyed my alone time. But -- but -- but I've never gone this long without talking to my son. Or seeing him. All I want are the pictures. Do you hear me?? IT'S WEDNESDAY!!! Where are the $#(*&^ pictures?

I jest. Kinda. I have hit that website probably 100 times today. I'll go do something, then think of the pictures and run to the computer.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday Morning

I'm not worried about Thomas. Honest. Really, I haven't even given him a second thought. ahem

When we were at the camp yesterday, I was checking out his cabinmates. It was a bunch of boys who looked very nice, but one thing was brutally honest: They were all jocks. You know, you can spot a jock a mile away. And there's nothing wrong with jocks. The only reason I mention it is because Thomas is so not a jock. He hates team sports. He cannot throw a ball to save his life. He doesn't want to. We discussed this team-sport thing at length, because he'll have to participate in some of that kind of thing. Hopefully, they'll be kind and help him through that part. Whenever we did sports stuff with Cub Scouts, I have to say the jocks were always good to Thomas and guided him. I think they got a little frustrated because they were so competitive, and he really slowed them down, but they were kind.

You can't force a child to do something he has no interest in, though. Now individual sports? Yeah, he goes for that. He's yearning to hit that rock wall. He's excited about the swimming.

Thomas is a fringe boy. He's always on the fringe of a group, not really in it. He's happy that way. Bob and I are kind of that way ourselves. I think we all three prefer one-on-one social contact as opposed to the group thing. We're all introverts.

So driving home yesterday, I admit I was worried. Will he get picked on, will he make a friend or two, will he have fun. BUT, when I uploaded the two pictures I took and shared here, my worries melted. He was so happy. It did my heart so much good to see that big grin on his face.

He'll be fine. And while I have thought about him, I've decided to quit worrying. Just like the momma bird who pushes the baby bird out of the nest--this is a little out of his comfort zone, but that rock wall just called out to him, and I had to push.

This morning I got busy. I have finally unloaded the suitcase that has been gracing my bedroom floor since my return from Denver. Good grief, I've never let something slide that long. I've sorted too many loads of laundry to admit and have got them going. I'm about to go dig out my kitchen.

I have plans on cleaning the whole house from top to bottom. That's a lot of work, because when we got home, I was tired, frustrated, hurting really bad and still sick. I didn't have the energy. Only the absolute necessities got done. Plus, since March I've been gone for almost 10 weeks, and let's face it, I love Bob to pieces, but he doesn't know what a vacuum cleaner is. So the house really got run down.

I bought myself some new bedding. Got a lovely bed-in-a-bag set from JCPenney's for $100. It was normally $300. It's 250 thread-count, which is more than this tightwad has ever had. I am going to hit my bedroom hard this morning and hopefully make it pretty.

I've also been looking for pretties. I really have a desire for a retro kitchen. Not too cluttered, but lots of 40s and 50s touches. I bought myself two salt and pepper sets that are Lustro-Ware, one in pink and the other yellow. One is for the table, the other for the stove. I'm on the lookout for more practical goodies. Not too much, but enough to get that theme established.

And speaking of that retro look, I've found a few vintage blogs that I have really enjoyed. I usually only read homeschool blogs. Okay, and Perez -- dare I admit that? The vintage or cottage/romantic/shabby chic blogs really make me smile, because they have great pictures. And that brings me joy, which makes me feel better.

And speaking of feeling better, I am. I finish my antibiotics today. I am not cured, I still have sinus issues and my ears are popping a lot. So I am going to get my second antibiotic prescription filled and do another round. But I am feeling so much better and have so much more energy, that I feel human again. So I'm close to being back to normal.

I have ordered my first-ever side of beef. We should get it the last week in August. I'm very excited about that--to have a freezer full of good quality beef. We'll get lots of goodies I typically don't buy, such as steaks.

Life is finally getting better again. I'm feeling better. Thomas was so happy yesterday that my heart soared with joy. I hope he has so much fun and forgets all his troubles. I've never been away from him for this long, but I do this: I kind of needed it. I just needed a break from everything. (I wish Bob were out of town this week! lol) I feel free to putz, to do what I want, when I want, in peace and quiet. I am thrilled with the prospect that when I clean, it will actually stay clean. Until we go and get him, that is. What a treat that is, though. I envision my refrigerator handle being clean all week--a glorious gift to me!

And now, off to swap loads and get to cracking.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I Didn't Cry

Thomas is at camp. We left, and I didn't cry.

It sure is quiet around here.

He started out very happy, I hope he returns happy as well!