Friday, July 17, 2009

Today Was Surgery Day

And I lived through it.

At the moment I'm pain free, a little doped up, a lot tired, and snacking on Sierra Mist and crackers.

It's rough having a same-day surgery when they kind of shove you out the door so quickly. I didn't feel like leaving, I was so tired and my tummy was upset. I threw up when I woke up, and an hour later they had me eating crackers and Sprite. Then she said it was time to go.

She helped me get into the car and when I was set, she handed me a barf bag. She told me that I may get sick from the motion since we had an hour drive home.

We drove from the patient pick-up spot to the exit of the parking lot and I was using that bag. Apparently I threw up for about three minutes, according to Bob. That kind of thing never bothers him--but this time it did. He was green and said that he almost lost it. Poor guy! Thomas said it was gross when I asked him after we got home.

But hey, I was fine after that. Slept all the way home, slept a little when we got home, ate a little, then slept a bit more.

Now I hope (and yes, pray) that my periods will be gone or very light. That's usually the case.

I got pictures of my uterus...should I post them for educational value? lol

I plan on posting our 8th grade plans soon. I keep changing my mind on a couple things. Time's a wastin' and I'd best get it done, get books ordered.