Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays

I am going to take a blog break for awhile. I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season, though.

We celebrate Christmas here. The one thing Thomas really, really wants for Christmas is a Wii. I happened to be out shopping one night before Thanksgiving and our local Walmart had one. I snatched it up. Good thing, too, because we haven't found one in any store we've been to since. Believe me, Thomas looks and asks the clerks, too.

Thomas eavesdrops on us, something I've known about for awhile. So Bob and I are taking full advantage of that. We whisper how devastated we are that we can't find a Wii. We have conversations about visiting websites every day looking for a Wii. If one of us runs to the store alone at night, upon our return we play the game: No, the rumors weren't true, there are no Wii's at X store.

Now Thomas is a smart kid and in the past when we thought we have pulled the wool over his eyes, we have not. I think this time we've done it, though. Even if we haven't, he's still going to enjoy his Wii.

With that, we're off to bake cookies, a gingerbread house, wrap gifts, finish last minute shopping, etc., etc., etc.

Happy Holidays.