Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

We did absolutely nothing to celebrate this year. Normally I buy a gift for Thomas and make a cake or cupcakes or something. Today was just not the day to bake, celebrate or think twice about VD. (My mom always used to say happy VD, so in rememberance of her, I call it VD sometimes.)

Thomas woke up so cranky that he squeaked. Oh my! I forced him to feed and potty his pups and then I forced him back to bed. The later wasn't too difficult. He went back to bed at 8:30 and did not get up until 12:30. He slept hard.

Bob surprised me by coming home early. He opened the door at 9:30 and caught me still in my robe and on the internet, playing Webkinz' Tile Towers.

When Thomas awoke, he took a long shower. His sinuses are really bothering him. We ate lunch, loaded up the puppies, and headed for civilization, otherwise known as Mankato. Yes, the same civilization that Laura Ingalls Wilder used to head to.

Puppies had their final vet appointment and are now officially up to date on shots. Tesla was such a baby that the lovely vet -- and we really do love her -- called him a wuss. He actually cried when she gave him his shot! He's a mama's boy.

After that, we headed out for a quick Valentine's Day meal. We drove past Applebee's (I've never in my life eaten there and don't really have a desire to), some rib join that Bob wants to go to, and my all-time favorite Olive Garden. I drove into the Taco Bell parking lot. We feasted on burritos, tacos and nachos. Ever since our Taco Bell closed a few years ago, I just cannot help myself when I see one. I love their bean burritos.

Next, we drove to a furniture store. My kitchen chairs are falling apart, literally. We bought a cute dinette set 20 years ago and let's just say we've had the chairs five years too long. I took one chair out to the garage while Bob was gone recently because it broke. Bob got a surprise check Monday and announced that we were going to get new chairs with it. We checked our local furniture store, they had an okay set of chairs, but I wasn't in love with them. We thought we'd check civilization before buying those. Well, lo and behold, we found a lovely set, priced nicely, brown microfiber and oak. Bought them on the spot, loaded them in the van. They're still sitting in the van because it's cold and we're old and tired, so we'll bring them in tomorrow.

The addition of new chairs is going to do a lot to lift my spirits. I will take a photo of my old chairs and share it. They were disgusting.

To finish off our time in civilization, we went to our final puppy kindergarten class. They have built a new facility called The Paw that is fantastic. It has a huge swimming pool for the dogs, an underwater treadmill, huge training room, luxury boarding, outdoor play area -- you name it, all top of the line canine luxury! We had our last class in the facility tonight.

The problem is they're not done building it and so there was dust everywhere. We got down on the floor to play with the puppies and I was covered in dust. Disgustingly thick heavy, white dust. Halfway through the class, Thomas started crying. My big 12 year old. The dust was so bad, and he has such a bad cold and sinus issues, that he had trouble breathing. It was so cold he didn't want to go outside, so Bob took him out to the lobby and he blew and blew his nose. I think the tears helped, too. He came back, but was uncomfortable the rest of the class. As we were driving home, I was sneezing, Thomas was upset because his sinuses hurt, and we all just smelled of dust. The puppies were covered.

Thomas showered immediately when we got home. He's breathing better now. Puppies got brushed, we all changed clothes. I am feeling a need to wash all our coats tomorrow, it was that bad.

It was a lovely day, although we didn't really celebrate St. Valentine's Day. I really think that it's fun to celebrate in a small way holidays like today, but love should be year round.

Not one school book was opened today. We're getting a little behind, but Thomas is sick and it cannot be helped. I have already informed him that we'll probably have to do school into the summer, longer than we ever have before. He got upset at first and then his eyes lit up. He has an idea: flex school. That is a post for another day, but I think we're going to come up with a fun plan.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Tantrum Time

I am stomping my feet, angry, ticked off, you name it.

Another BUG has hit our house again.

Thomas woke up this morning with a very sore throat. I gave him some Motrin, and we did school. He complained off and on all day.

This afternoon we went to Wal-mart, all three of us, and stocked up on groceries. He was complaining again that his throat hurt.

We get home, have dinner, and his throat still hurts, but he's fine.

And then, as he was getting ready for a treat of ice cream, because he thought that would make his throat feel better, it hit him. He walked by the trash can and just knew he couldn't make it any further. He didn't.

He's thrown up a few times tonight. He is not running a fever. His throat is red and sore still. What kind of virus is that?

I am so ready for spring, to be able to open the windows and get fresh air. I'd air the house out now, but it's -8 at the moment. Not going to work.

Thomas asked me if we had to do school tomorrow. Of course I am the type to baby my baby, so I would have said no. Instead, I told him to ask his principal. Bob told him it depended on how he felt. Thomas shook his head and said if he didn't feel too well, he'd like to read his life science text book all day. That's doable.

I am just mad because we've been sick forever! If it's not one thing, it's another. I shouldn't complain, because it's nothing *serious*, thankfully, but it's still a pain in the patooy.

So what else? Bob and I each have a sore throat. Hopefully our adult bodies will be able to better handle the virus, whatever it is.


Silly, Silly

This part isn't silly. I was reading blogs tonight, and Daryl at HE&OS mentioend that the South Dakota legislature killed a bill that would enable homeschoolers who scored at least a 24 on the ACT the eligibility to get a state college scholarship. BOOO

Now for the silly part.

When I moved to South Dakota, way back yonder in the 1980s, one of the secretaries talked about PEER a lot: going to PEER, getting PEER on the phone, sending stuff off to PEER. I thought she was talking about a person.

You see, in my 4th-grade geography studies, I was taught that the capital of South Dakota was Pierre. Pronounced PEE - YAIR.

Not so. The first time I mentioned PEE-YAIR everyone in the office when into hysterics laughing at me.

For those, like me, who didn't know: The capital of South Dakota is Pierre. Pronounced Peer. Or Pier. One syllable.

Trust me, I lived there for 11 years, and on rare occasion, I worked in Pierre. Shoot, I was even on the national news one time while walking into the Pierre courthouse. Of course they weren't filming me, they were filming the judge I rode with and was walking with, but hey, that was my claim to fame.

There, an interesting little tidbit for the day.

Now, if only Pierre would get their act together and recognize excellent homeschooled students.

Sunday, February 10, 2008