Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lucky Us!!!

We are so lucky! Meg from Get In, Hang On was on her way home tonight and stopped in our teeny, tiny town. We got to meet!

We met at a local restaurant. Meg is extremely warm and friendly -- I liked her immediately. Her kids -- wow, I was so impressed. Warm, friendly, personable and fun. They're cute, too.

I had such a nice evening. It was so nice to meet an online friend. It was even nicer that she was so great. Sigh -- I wish we lived closer.

Thomas had a good time, too. He liked Boy and Girl and thought Meg was very nice. My little guy slightly embarrassed me, but I'll forgive him. He was playing with jelly -- and pretty soon I looked over and it was in his shake glass. Good grief, Thomas! lol

Thank you, Meg, for stopping to visit us. What a treat!

Monday, August 06, 2007


Go here to read how a school district forced an eight-year-old autistic girl to spend three hours in time out.

What gets me is after a hearing in which the parents won, the school district was of this opinion:

The Waukee district and the Heartland Area Education Agency, which helped prepare the learning plan for Isabel, are adamant that they did nothing wrong and are appealing the decision.

When will they get it? They cannot treat children like this.