Friday, July 17, 2009

Today Was Surgery Day

And I lived through it.

At the moment I'm pain free, a little doped up, a lot tired, and snacking on Sierra Mist and crackers.

It's rough having a same-day surgery when they kind of shove you out the door so quickly. I didn't feel like leaving, I was so tired and my tummy was upset. I threw up when I woke up, and an hour later they had me eating crackers and Sprite. Then she said it was time to go.

She helped me get into the car and when I was set, she handed me a barf bag. She told me that I may get sick from the motion since we had an hour drive home.

We drove from the patient pick-up spot to the exit of the parking lot and I was using that bag. Apparently I threw up for about three minutes, according to Bob. That kind of thing never bothers him--but this time it did. He was green and said that he almost lost it. Poor guy! Thomas said it was gross when I asked him after we got home.

But hey, I was fine after that. Slept all the way home, slept a little when we got home, ate a little, then slept a bit more.

Now I hope (and yes, pray) that my periods will be gone or very light. That's usually the case.

I got pictures of my uterus...should I post them for educational value? lol

I plan on posting our 8th grade plans soon. I keep changing my mind on a couple things. Time's a wastin' and I'd best get it done, get books ordered.


Anonymous said...

Take it easy this weekend & let the boys take care of you! Glad to hear that it went ok.

the GA peach ;-)

audrey said...

Take care of yourself, hon. Rest up and let those men of yours baby you a little. ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Definitely do nothing! I had surgery on my foot last Friday and I'm really just feeling back to normal today, so it can take a while even with light activity. Rest, rest, and rest some more. And did I mention rest? :-) Hope it does the trick!


Joi said...

Take it easy! Get plenty of rest.


Carole in DE said...

Made it home OK --- glad you are feeling so wonderful. As I said on the call----REST. Take it easy!

SabrinaT said...

Get plenty of rest and I hope you feel better soon!

Michelle said...

Glad to know it went well, and I really hope it sorts your problems. Take it easy. You'll be in my prayers.

Sara said...

It really would be nice if the medical norm was to give people more recovery time.

Glad you are doing well, and I really hope it helps you feel better.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

The rule is: Queen for a day, and Princess for three. So, Madam Princess Frankie, make sure the footmen are waiting on you hand, foot!

Meg_L said...

I hope your silence is that you're are getting busy and not something else.

I left you something on my blog, Enjoy!!

Jo said...

LMAO my surgeon gave Hubby pics of my ovaries which I actually kept! I was like "WTH do I want that for? What she should have given us picture of is my uterus so I can remember it not so fondly".

Definitely take care of yourself because you don't want to be back in the hospital because you tried to do something. It will drive you nuts but I'm afraid it's a must.

I'm sorry I haven't visited in awhile but I'll try harder to be around more.