Saturday, August 09, 2008

He's Baaaack

I drove three and a half hours yesterday to pick Thomas up. After an hour-long ceremony, which I'll definitely skip next year, (see that, NEXT YEAR?) we gathered stuff and left.

Thomas talked nonstop for the three-and-a-half-hour ride home.

He had a BLAST. He LOVED it. He was WIRED.

He asked if he can go next year. Of course!

He's very happy. That's just what he needed.

So we'll put money aside for camp next year. I also found that there are camps for kids with epilepsy out there. I think that would be wonderful for him, so he'll probably do two camps next year.

And now back to reality. This week is the county fair. We'll be entering his turkey. Usually we enter more stuff, but that's his best work and all he wants to enter. He also has his ENT appointment this week. He does not want his tonsils removed. He wasn't happy when he noticed that appointment on the calendar.

I worked very hard on getting his room in order while he was gone. I boxed up a bunch of stuff he no longer plays with. He's attached to his stuff, so I couldn't donate or toss, will just store the box and wait for time to pass. I didn't get the room finished, so he can do that this weekend.

We have the school room to finish as well. The floor is covered in wall-to-wall books. Last year we schooled at the kitchen table again. This year I'd like to do more in the school room again, just because it keeps my small kitchen less cluttered. In order to do that, I have to get my mess cleaned up. I'm the one that put the books on the floor.

Thomas's grandma took a spill and broke her wrist and a rib this week. We need to get out to see her, because we haven't gone since the Cowboy died. I'm so tired of traveling, but I think that's necessary. I don't know when we'll squeeze that in, but we must.

I'm loving this Saturday morning. My son is happy, confident and on top of the world. He needed that. As his momma, I needed it, too.


Wisteria said...

I suspect it does the mother good to have her son home safe and happy.

SabrinaT said...

I bet he had a blast at camp! We need to get out school stuff organized (or at least off the floor).

Kate in NJ said...

I am so happy he had such a great time! Sorry to hear about his Grandma..hope she heals well. ((hugs))

Becky said...

How wonderful that he loved it so much!

You can always switch the subject to camp when he gets anxious about that appointment :)