Wednesday, August 06, 2008

For Pete's Sake

What stupid idiot -- er, forgetful and preoccupied mother forgot to cancel her subscription?

I did.

I just got automatically renewed. We have 18 credits at

What to do?

I'm tired of planning school. I've cleaning to finish! What am I going to do with 18 credits?

Ideas? Anyone? Help. My brain just isn't thinking.


And just a rant, because I always rant. Dear YMCA camp, you know on your webpage it states that you will put camp pictures up on Wednesdays? Well, it's Wednesday. The pictures are not there. I have refreshed a gazillion times. Okay, there is one group picture, which I loved and spotted my Thomas in immediately,'s Wednesday, where are the pictures?

I've held my composure all week, I've dealt well. I've actually enjoyed my alone time. But -- but -- but I've never gone this long without talking to my son. Or seeing him. All I want are the pictures. Do you hear me?? IT'S WEDNESDAY!!! Where are the $#(*&^ pictures?

I jest. Kinda. I have hit that website probably 100 times today. I'll go do something, then think of the pictures and run to the computer.


Kate in NJ said...

((hugs)) I hope I can be as brave as you if and when P wants to go away anywhere.

Wisteria said...

The Birchbark House is a story similar to The Little House stories, but with Ojibwa. Aren't the Ojibwa native to Minnesota? If you like that one, The Game of Silence is the sequel. We enjoyed these a lot.

I forget what history you are studying this year.