Monday, September 18, 2006


Thomas played with some long-time friends last week. They are also homeschoolers. They live next to a creek. The kids were all filthy! What is it about a creek and kids? Instant fun -- hours of fun.

Thomas had already hosed off before I saw him. He only had mud remaining on his face. His clothes were soaked.

This was a play date that will stay with him forever. He talked about it all weekend. He even asked this question:

"Mom, would you and dad consider relocating? And if you would, could we please buy a house next to a creek?"

I wish we could. I love to let him play, explore and get filthy dirty. That's what makes a happy child.


Becky said...

Happy Creek Day, Thomas! May it be one of many :)

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I just love seeing a kid covered in just spells "F-U-N"!

mom2radata said...

It sounds like he had a lot of fun in the mud. Trapolin wants to move to a farm.

mom2radata said...

oops sorry I have some help at the keyboard.

I was going to say he completely agrees with the concept of relocating to the country.