Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday night ugh

I did not seem to get refreshed over the weekend. I need another day to rest before starting in on school, but I know that won't happen.

My insomnia was in full force and effect last night. I was up until 4:30 am and finally drifted off to sleep after 5. DH gets up at 5, even on the weekends, and we talked a little when he got up. I slept until 2. Yup, 2 in the afternoon. I woke up with the nastiest headache that I couldn't shake. Whine, whine, whine. Didn't get hardly anything done on my to-do list today. Monday will be rough here because of it.

Finally around 5 pm my husband noted that I had not had any caffeine today. He made me a pot of coffee. Amazing, after lots of pill popping, a head massage by both DH and Thomas, it was a cup of coffee that took that nasty headache away. Thank goodness.

Once alert, I sat and did Sudokus and watched the last half of North Country. Good movie, only I'd like to see the first half!

I did manage to order some new books. I ordered three books from Amazon. Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations -- to teach me how to interact with people. Well, to teach me how to deal with a-holes. I'm not good at it, but now that I'm older and wiser, I'm standing up to people. I just want to learn to come across less bitchy and more effective. These books were recommended to me by an awesome speech teacher who is starting up a coaching business as well. So I'm anxious to get those.

I also bought a silly little book that had an Amazon 5-star rating with almost 200 positive reviews. I think some of them are shill reviews, but they can't all be. The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. From what I gather, it's a cognitive therapy-type approach, or a brainwashing, to help you learn to stop smoking. Let's see, in the past I've tried gum, patches, cold turkey, and have been prescribed Welbutrin but didn't take it because I heard nasty things about the drug. I've even tried putting a rubber band on my wrist and snapping it every time I wanted a cigarette. I've tried chewing on pencils, suckers, hard candies, too. None worked. So I'll give this a shot. I figure one of these times it's got to work. Either that or my I'll just continue to feel like a failure. Damn, I hate addictions. This is why I do not drink alcohol. Addictive personality.

I also placed a small order at Rainbow. We're still struggling with spelling, and after looking at tons of recommendations, sites, programs galore, my try will be with Megawords. We'll try it a few weeks and see if I need to do a weekly spelling list, and if we do, I have one printed from Everyday Spelling. Ugh. Thomas is a good rule follower, and I think Megawords will present the rules well enough for him plus giving him some practice. Time will tell.

Broke down and bought Trail Guide to US Geography, too. I just don't have the time to figure out an organized program with Mapping the World by Heart -- right now.

Thomas was rather cute when I told him I bought some new supplies. He said, "Wow, thanks, mom, for taking care of me and providing me with the supplies I need." lmao... In the next breath he gave me his birthday request list. Butter me up, kiddo. He's learning. ;-)

Here I sit on the computer with several loads of laundry that need done, trash that needs emptying, dishes that need washed, menus that need planned, floors that need vacuumed.

Time to do a 30-minute crazed woman sweep then taking a sleeping pill and hope it will knock me out.



Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

YOu get insomnia too? It is the worst. I wrote down the titles of those books...I certainly need them for myself. Thomas was way too cute wiht that comment...they do know how to melt our hearts, don't they? Hope you sleep well tonight!

Ms.L said...

I suffer from insomnia too!
I have Restless Leg Syndrome and an over active brain,not fun.
I've been taking herbal relaxants every night that are not habit forming and they seem to be doing the trick. It's amazing,how a decent sleep can make you feel human!
Those books sounds great. I need to learn to to interact with a-holes better too,lol
I seem to be running in to a lot of them these days.
I hope you get all your chores done and get the rest you need:)

Frankie said...

I take Ambien now. I don't take it every night and I don't think I'm addicted to it. It has been wonderful. I've used Tylenol PM, melatonin, benedryl, etc., and all left me feeling icky the next day. With Ambien I feel good the next day.

My insomnia started when Thomas was about 2. Also the time when I quit working and going to bed at 10 every night. I think if I could force myself into going to bed at 10 every night I might get off the stuff, but I have always been a night owl. Now I try for midnight, and that seems to work well most times. Occasionally I just can't sleep no matter what. I'd say I have one day a month where I'm up the entire night.

I hope those books are good. My cousin, who has taught at Iowa State and now teaches online speech classes and has a budding coaching business, highly recommended Crucial Conversations. She mentioned a lot of coaching programs use it. I bought the Confrontations book as well.

I'm psyched, my Amazon order has already shipped! So I'll be reading this week sometime.

Becky said...

I had a unrestful weekend but only because we did too much, and this is a busy week too... Much as I love the regularity of our fall schedule, I hate the "must do's" that autuomatically appear. Life was much simpler, though busy in a different way, over the summer.

Good luck with the stop-smoking book, and I'll be waiting for the reviews of the "school" books :). Good for Thomas lol.

mull-berry said...

Exederin is the only thing that helps my whopper headaches.

What is on an almost 11-year-old's birthday wish list?

Ms.L said...

I've heard that about Ambien,it sounds wonderful! I hate to feel groggy in the morning too.

YAY for you books! I looove to read,more than anything:)