Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Coming up in the world

Our small town is getting bigger. Thomas and I took a little drive and determined the rumors are true, work has begun on our new WalMart SuperCenter. The newspaper confirmed it today. This past weekend, we hit city-wide garage sales and then had lunch at our new Wendy's, which I don't think is even a year old yet. It was an educational lunch, as the three of us ate our lunch staring out the window, watching the brick workers doing their brick work on our new Starbucks. Because dad was along, Thomas was able to learn all kinds of terms that I wouldn't have known or thought to share with him. It was fun to watch.

I've been thinking about all our progress. One thing I hated upon moving to this tiny town was lack of shopping. I know WalMart is controversial, but I am thrilled. Our town has a very small Kmart and a very small Shopko. We must drive 20 miles to hit a WalMart, and I wouldn't even describe that as very small -- shoe box is how I usually refer to it. Anyway, I don't know that a fast food joint, a coffee shop and a WalMart Super Center are "good" progress -- but I know two of the three will make my life happier.

I worked at Wendy's while I was in college. Yes, back when the phrase "Where's the beef" was popular, those TV commercials were running nonstop. It used to drive us nuts, all the people who were just so clever walked in and asked us, "Where's the beef?" We had to wear those stupid buttons, too. I wish I had kept mine, I bet it would be worth $5 on Ebay today. Anyway, I am partial to a Wendy's hamburger. Whenever we used to hit "civilization" or in other words, a town of relative size, I always wanted to eat at Wendy's. Now it's five minutes from my house. And I don't even abuse it. I probably go once a month, if that.

Starbucks. I don't think I've ever had a Starbucks coffee. My sister may have bought one for me while we were visiting my dad in Colorado, but I'm not sure. At any rate, I'll call myself a Starbucks virgin. I used to make fun of people paying $3+ for a cup of coffee. Why, I can buy a whole can of Folgers for that on sale. That was my justification -- make my envy go away with a frugal comment. I am excited to have an expensive cup of coffee every once in awhile -- as long as it's good. I asked some friends awhile back for recommendations. I don't want to go into Starbucks and look like a virgin. I want to know what I'm talking about. Well, I know I'll go in there looking like an idiot anyway. I like very strong coffee. (I use six scoops in my Bunn coffee maker! 2 regular and 4 unleaded, always Folgers.) I like cream. I used to use the powder, but have switched to fat-free half and half. If I make a pot in the evenings, it's still as strong but all decaf. (Gee, think this influences my insomnia???) I love my coffee, and I'm anxious to try Starbucks. So I guess it's a good thing, unless I become addicted, then I'll have to worry about my wallet.

Progress. Now if only we could get some liberals here, get out of our 50-year-behind-the-times lifestyle that people in this small town are stuck in, that would be *real* progress.


Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I can surely understand your excitment about a little modernization. Everything is wonderful in moderation. I hope those improvments do make your life a little easier! Although, you still can't get me to spend $3 on a cup on Starbucks..I just don't like the taste of theirs .

Meg L. said...

And I don't drink coffee at all. Coke and tea are my caffine of choice.

I 'loved' the Where's the Beef! My bil actually owned that car for a while a few years ago. I don't know that I actually saw it while he had it, but my sister talked about it.

Anonymous said...

If you have to have a Starbucks coffee just to satisfy your curiosity, well... okay. But, if you become one of those gawd-awful Starbucks swilling mommies... UGH! I just can't go there with that.

Love Wendy's burgers though. Way better than Rotten Ronnie's. :-)

Frankie said...

Audrey, in reality, I'm too fricken' cheap to be paying $3 for a cup of coffee every time I turn around.

I would bet that I'll stick with my Folgers at home. ;-)

I just want to try it. I hate being behind the times.