Wednesday, June 14, 2006


My husband came home yesterday after work and informed me that there is a rumor floating around, from a very reliable source, that his company will be cutting 70 jobs from three plants this week. We're scared, but they've been doing layoffs since we moved here. Yuck.

My sunroof button broke in my car and so now it doesn't want to close. It's just by pure luck that I quit pushing the button at the right time to make sure it seals. I see a big bill on that.

It is 68 degrees today, has been raining the majority of the day, and humidity is 90 percent. We had the air off all morning but everything in the house is now sticky. Can't catch a break on the electric bill today, will have to turn the air on to control humidity in the house.

And to top off the lovely day I seem to be having, my son and I just arrived home from the library. He decided he wanted to do the library's summer reading program. The director came out to sign him up and Thomas's brain disappeared. He didn't know what grade he had just completed. I tried to make light of it and said we homeschool so we're not into the grade thing. Well, then the form required the school name. Thomas looked up at me in a panic and said, "Mom, how do you spell school?"

Okay, earth, open up and swallow me. This child is not the best speller in the world but he has been writing the word school for years now. And it was right on the form in front of him. Good grief! I joked, "Well, obviously we're not the best homeschoolers around."

On a brighter note, we did get his standardized test scores back and he did extremely well once again -- except for spelling. He scored at grade level in spelling. I think I'll have him write "school" on the white board 100 times this afternoon. Not.


wisteria said...

Things like that have happened to me before and it is so embarrassing. I just keep telling myself that it is the finished product that should be judged, not all the daily, monthly, or yearly judgments (especially those made by nosey by-standers who know little of your child's true brilliance).

Frankie said...

We had a very good laugh about this at the supper table tonight. I made Thomas tell my husband the story. We all started giggling. Fortunately, my embarrassment was short-lived.

You are right, it is the finished product that counts -- although he is a great work in progress! =)