Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Toying with Ideas

I have a lot of ideas I'm toying with in my brain...

1) Actually *starting* summer school.

2) Starting working on our daily chore cards again. Today I did manage to place them out on the counter, but we didn't do the chores. It works SO well when we do them...I just have the summer "don't-cares."

3) Cleaning out my basement. In the winter I always think what a great summer project that would be. Now that it's June, I think it would be a great winter project.

4) Starting Weight Watchers again. I am miserable, but not enough so to get off my butt and do something about it. I've been toying with this one for months. Once I actually start, I do great. It's just starting.

5) Setting up my cheap-o plastic outdoor table and doing school outside, in the shade.

6) Cleaning out the schoolroom. We're awaiting the arrival of lots of new stuff and I have no where to put it once it gets here.

7) Starting our county fair art project. I have everything purchased, a list of what to do...just need to do it. Oh, I guess we did start...Thomas is making a newspaper box with his dad. They started this past weekend. It is really cool to peek out into the garage and see my little baby -- I mean my big 10-year-old cutting wood with the band saw, the hand saw, a jig saw, running a sander, etc.

I have the summertime relaxed-mode feeling and just don't feel like putting effort into anything that isn't fun. Gotta get over that!

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Becky said...

Yup, but not for another couple of months, eh?

You know, summer is just too darn short up north (and your area definitely counts), so I say make the most and recharge those batteries by having fun and doing NOTHING. Or as close to nothing as you can get away with :).