Sunday, August 13, 2006

Look! Our fantastic science experiment...


Warning: This post shows the author has no class, no decency and extremely questionable housekeeping skills.

Further proof that I am not a domestic goddess. Went on a major grocery shopping spree and had to do a quick clean of the fridge to get it all in. This nice little item was up on its side in the far right back behind two cases of pop. Who knows how long it was there.

We all got a glimpse and said, "Cool" in unison. lol

Now if you *really* knew me, you'd know I wouldn't be showing my faulty housekeeping abilities online with photos. But I have to disprove the theory that I am a dosmestic goddess. Will this one get me off the hook?

I will admit that this was the worst thing I have ever found in my fridge in my life. But as I said, it was also cool. We all looked at it for a good five minutes. And it didn't really stink, either.


Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

Eeeewwww! You are officially off the hook. I have revoked your "Domestic Goddess" award status and have demoted you to "Realistically Busy Homemaker."

wisteria said...

What was that?

mull-berry said...

Alexander Fleming would be proud! Looks like peach cobbler to me.

Frankie said...

I'm so glad to be off the hook. Whew!

This was refried beans and hamburger. lol

Becky said...

How is a woman whose first reaction to penicillin growth in her fridge is "Cool!" unable to pick up a hermit crab?!

You guys are definitely hs'ers lol.

Jo said...

Okay I have a pretty iron stomach and that made ME gag!!!

LOL Becky, good point!