Sunday, June 24, 2007


Thomas and I arrived in Denver late yesterday morning. It was a safe journey and mostly fun.

I had planned on getting off I-25 as quickly as possible, but braved the bumper-to-bumper traffic and drove it all the way in. For that, I am very proud of myself.

Dad looks much better than I thought he would, but he says he doesn't feel well. He tires quickly.

I probably won't blog much because his computer is *so completely messed up* that I cannot repair it. I've run scan disk, defrag and deleted temporary files, but it takes a few minutes for a page to load, Ugh.

Yesterday I did grocery shopping, unpacked, and insisted on Taco Bell for dinner. Today I cleaned his laundry room, his kitchen -- the fridge was a nightmare -- and bathroom, did four loads of laundry, tried to fix the computer, sorted through a box of his railroad papers, cooked supper, emptied garbages, started reading a book, ate two cinnamon rolls, and putz-cleaned -- ran around the house and picked up, organized a bit.

Tomorrow we're going shopping and to lunch and will continue to sort his papers.

I'm exhausted already and we've only just begun.

This computer is going to drive me crazy.


Mama B said...

Oh my! Don't work too hard or at least take lots of breaks. Hope your dad feels a bit better having you there.

mull-berry said...

He's fortunate to have a such caring daughter.

MtPleasant said...

What a wonderful gift you are giving to your Dad and to Thomas (he's getting a chance to learn how we should care for our loved ones). Do sit under a shade tree and enjoy an Ice Tea while you chat with your Dad.

A memorable time for me was when I pumped my oldest to ask my Dad about his childhood. I sat in the background and listened while Dad shared all sorts of stories of his childhood, teenage years, and WW2 years. He would never, ever have shared that with me, but with SK he did.

Meg_L said...

Make sure you give yourself enough time to just enjoy your father. I've been thinking about you and your trip.

Becky said...

Glad the journey there was so easy. I'm proud of you too, making that drive!

I can't believe how much you accomplished on the first day. Try to have some fun, or at least relax a bit -- now that you made the journey, enjoy the destination a bit :).

Popping in quickly because now *I* have to go run around like a crazy woman lol.

momof3feistykids said...

What an incredibly productive day! Enjoy your time with your dad. He's very blessed to have you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, good for you -- on the drive & all you're doing to help your dad!

BTW, please tell your dad "Happy Birthday!" (Isn't it his birthday today? I'm thinking it's the same day as my mom's, lol.)

Are the guys busy talking trains?

the GA peach ;-)

Meg_L said...

This can wait until you get back home, but I tagged you.

audrey said...

I could have written that post a couple of years ago, right down to the computer part. When Daddy's comp went nutso like that, we (meaning dh) actually just ended up wiping the hard drive and reinstalling the OS. Oh, of course, we backed up first.

Our visits to Daddy were also really great for T because he got to know his Grandpa. He stills talks about "remember at Grandpa's when we ...."

*sigh.* I miss my daddy like crazy.