Thursday, March 30, 2006

Label Me This...

This is in response to a thread at odonnellweb.

Don't label me as a Christian homeschooler. I am a Christian, I am a homeschooler, but I do not homeschool for religious reasons. I do not define myself as a Christian homeschooler.

Don't label me as gay. I'm not.

Don't label me as anti-gay. I'm not.

Don't label me as a Marxist. I'm not.

Don't label me as anti-Marxist. I'm not.

Don't label me as an Atheist. I'm not.

Don't label me as an anti-Atheist. I'm not.

Don't label me as a Libertarian. I'm not.

Don't label me as anti-Libertarian. I'm not.

Don't label me as an ACLU Supporter. Sometimes I am, sometimes I am not.

Don't label me as an ACLU hater. I'm not.

Don't label me as an anti-Christian. I am not.

Don't label me as a person who hates people that are different and unique and that have different opinions or ideas, a different faith or lack of faith than I do. I do not hate them.

Go ahead, label me as an
Home-Educating Parent. I am.

Go ahead, label me as someone who is trying to polarize the Christian community. I am someone who is trying to "spread the news" that physically punishing your child is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Go ahead, label me as an action hater. I don't hate people. I hate some of their actions. Hitting a child with a hand or anything else is something I hate.

Don't label me as having a hidden agenda. My agenda is loud and clear: STOP CHILD ABUSE

Do not assume that because we share a belief that Jesus died for our sins, that all our beliefs are the same.

Don't think that I will actually believe this boycott will do no good and will make homeschoolers in general "look" bad.

It is time for "THE OTHER HOMESCHOOLERS" to speak up and out. We're not all denim-jumper-wearing, husband-obeying, blind-faith people. Some of us educate ourselves on issues. Some of us can think for ourselves. Some of us can separate ourselves from our husbands. Case in point, as I blogged earlier, my husband does not support this boycott only due to "the censorship" issue. Because I am a Christian, that does not preclude me from stepping up to the plate and honoring my beliefs. I have a voice. I will use it. If it causes a polarization of the Christian community, so be it. I guarantee it will NOT reflect poorly on the homeschooling community.

The point, though, is that if saves just one child from being hit, then "we" have won the battle. Hopefully it will save many more, I hope we will win the war.


BridgetJ said...

Good post. :)

Becky said...

Well said, Frankie!

anonymous madwoman said...
Nazi Whore Ex Lesbo said...

The praying has worked, now I love cock - Jesus Cock.

Follow the link for jackhammerjesus. This was posted by one of your virtual friends. You are known by who you associate with.

While Dani is a bad example of the light of Christ, do you really want people making fun of the Jesus you claim to follow?

Frankie said...

For Anonymous Madwoman

I cannot pretend that the comment you directed me to doesn't bug me, it does. Do you think this is the only controversial thing Doc has written? I don't live under a rock and I've read her comments on many-a-blog. I had already read this before you pointed me to it. I am well aware of what she writes. I am also smart enough to know it's written for shock value. It shocked you, not me.

I can completely understand the anger and frustration she feels from some of the Christian community. The same community of closed-minded, judgmental people has led me away from organized religion. I have tried to tell her that we're not all that way -- but that is REALLY hard to prove when some of the community is so vocal and full of hate.

The best way I know how to live my life is to try not to judge others. Of course I fail miserably at this, but I think I'm a step or two ahead of a lot of people. My judgment is aimed at stupidity, sexist, elitist jerks. I judge when something "screams" wrong to my soul -- such as child abuse.

If I were to quit associating with everyone that I disagree with, or with everyone who makes a comment or two that I don't like, I'd be all by myself. I would no longer have a husband. I'd have to add my son to that group, too, because of some of the beliefs he has formed on his own. I would have to give up contact with my father, who is an atheist. I'd probably have to do away with myself because I have many qualities that are far from what I want to be.

I march to the beat of my own drummer. I don't care one iota what someone else thinks of who I associate with. I really don't. I don't need validation on my friendship choices. I am not a follower, I think for myself. I am a kind person, I try to be civil and mannerly because that is my choice. I am not a weak little girl who got mixed up with the wrong crowd. I make choices. I may not swear much on my blog because it is not my style to do so. I may not rant that much on my blog because I choose not to do so.

I have absolutely NO RIGHT to tell someone whether to worship God, how to worship, and to not take his name in vain.

The comment you referred to didn't bother me near as much as the "Does Jesus Masturbate" thread at That is a Christian website and I took offense at most of what was there. It was nothing more than pornography in the name of Jesus. *That* disgusted me.

If any member of this "circle" were to knock on my door they would be welcomed into my home. I like Doc and I respect her very much. I don't have to like everything she writes, but I like the majority of it. I admire that she can be so bold. I have learned a lot from her. She has helped many people. She has taught me a new respect for unschooling. She has given me food for thought -- things to think about.

We don't need to throw the baby out with the bath water because we disagree with a thing or two. Look at the big picture. Open your mind. Learn something.

I'm not in this for a popularity contest. I don't care what people think of me. I am an honest, open-minded, caring person. That's all that matters to me, that I live my life according to my principles. My relationship with God is fine. I don't need lectured.

Finally, do I want people making fun of Jesus? No. I don't. What right do I have, though, to tell someone else what they can or cannot say about Jesus? I don't like it. It's not my relationship with my God that is impaired because of what someone else writes, though. I know you can throw scripture back at me on this issue, but I just cannot stop someone for making comments such as this. While I don't like it, it doesn't hurt me. I know I am supposed to stick up for my God but I have a hard time telling someone what to do or think on religious matters. So I sin. Hopefully I will be forgiven because I just cannot help it on this one. I guess I have been told one too many times I'd burn in hell if I didn't go to a particular church or if I didn't do such and such. It has led me to the point that I just cannot push religion in any way.

anonymous madwoman said...

Okay. But there is a difference. There is religion...and then there is Jesus. And IF He is holy and IF He is the Son of God and IF He died to make you whole and give you new life....He surely deserves more than that link. There is a wide difference between pushing religion on someone and accepting that someone would treat so lightly that which you claim to hold as truth.

But if you are cool with that, then hey, nothing anyone says to you is going to matter. I know nothing about the marriage bed site you refer to, but I am sure that you are right; that it is offensive too.

Almost Lazarus said...

Why are you attacking Frankie? If you're so convinced that this horrible deed has been done, and you want to confront the person who "did" it, then do that. Frankie obviously had nothing to do with it.

Cowardice is worse than rising to the bait of Dani's April Fool's post. Two wrongs don't make a right, but my wrong was a whole lot funnier. I'm betting more than one fundy laughed. Then they prayed of course, but come on, it was priceless, especially in light of Dani's "bull dagger" amd "I'll pray for you"comments and her posting of "lesbian beats a child" article.

It wasn't "Jesus" anyway, it was a chunk of latex. Don't worship false idols!

And don't put your own hatred above God's love.

And shame on you for making a non believer remind you what the bible says.

Becky said...


I'm fairly certain you can delete comments.

It really does make you wonder, WWJD, or, in this case, updated for the new millenium, How would Jesus post/comment? Certainly more kindly and with greater tolerance.