Thursday, March 23, 2006

What a waste of money -- Uncle Milton's Hermit Crab Habitat

We went shopping in the big city today. The big city actually has a bookstore, a craft store, decent restaurants, an Office Depot, a mall, a Home Depot and other great places.

While at the craft store, I picked up some things for my son's county fair projects. He found an Uncle Milton's Live Hermit Crab Habitat. $26.99. He didn't beg, he asked nicely if he could have it. We kept trying to explain that it was probably junk but he kept saying how cool it would be to have a hermit crab or two. So after walking through the store, debating, we finally gave in and bought it.

Big mistake.

Our $26.99 got us the cheapest piece of plastic that bends and warps and barely stands up on its own. It is JUNK. Most toy packaging comes with stronger plastic than this thing. The cat will be able to destroy it if he sees a hermit crab inside. If the cat even jumped on it, it would collapse. Everything but food was included. Junk, junk, junk.

Also included was the FREE coupon for a hermit crab. All you have to do is mail the coupon in and include shipping and handling for the crab. $6.95 shipping and handling. $13.95 for two crabs.


Because it is a major PITA to drive to the big city to shop, we won't be returning it. We will be using the coupon and spending yet another $13.95 for two hermit crabs. We'll use one of our glass aquariums to house the crabs instead.

I knew better, I knew better, I knew better.

Next time we think of buying something in a city far, far away, I'll be opening the box to check it out first.

$26.99, $13.95 -- I could have bought books!


contemplator said...

When I was young, I buried my hermit crab in the backyard because its legs started falling off. I thought it was sick and had died.

Years later, I read somewhere that hermit crabs SHED their legs and grow new ones. A few years too late for Hermie T. Crab. Sorry, little buddy!

Almost Lazarus said...

Frankie, send me your address. Adventure mouse is getting any action here since I broke my ankle.

Almost Lazarus said...

ISN'T getting any action. Okay, neither of us is, and it's making me type badly.

Mama Heffalump said...

Hi, Frankie! Sorry about the junky habitat! I haven't tried hermit crabs... for some reason I think they would freak my Rosie out. *LOL*

Thanks for dropping by my blog! You are welcome any time! *Smile*

M__ said...

We recently bought the Grow-A-Frog and the Butterfly Garden and my expectations weren't high since we've bought many things that didn't work. Well, I must say that they have been wonderful! Everything has stayed alive and the kids loved seeing the life cycles. I had thought about the hermit crabs and I appreciate the heads up and won't get them.