Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Changing clocks

I hate daylight savings time. Really, I hate it. Who can go to sleep an hour earlier? Not me, not my son. Who can get up an hour earlier? Definitely not me. Not my son.

Of course if I had a job in the "real world" I would. We survived when my son was in public school, too.

The animals are all on old time still, the human animals are too. We're not hungry at lunch and dinner time. It just stinks.

My son and I were discussing it this morning. He woke up late again and we didn't get school started until 10. Of course last week that would have been 9 and would have been fine. But starting at 10 really puts us behind. It puts us in a bad mood. My son declared that while the majority of America does the daylight savings time thing, we should not. I then asked him how he would keep track of appointments, den meetings, play dates and the like. He thought it would be easy. We discussed it further and he started to change his mind. He then expanded his thinking and came up with how it would be difficult to go to the movies and watch favorite TV programs. In other words, he figured out it would be a royal pain in the butt.

So he decided it would be best if we conform and change our clocks. I hope within a week we're good to go.

Everybody is too crabby here right now.

I've had a friend tell me many times which is "real time." I don't know if fall time is real or spring time. I don't care. I just don't want to change clocks anymore. Can't we do away with it? Is it really necessary in today's society? Really?



mull-berry said...

You need to move to Arizona or Hawaii ... they don't "do" DST. Neither do the territories of Puerto Rico, VI, Guam and American Samoa.

I was going to add Indiana, but this is the first year that the state, or I should say, the entire state is observing DST.

Meg L. said...

And boy does it have them messed up. My friends back home have been filling my ears.

Kixque said...

Our school newsletter came home last Friday with a reminder for everyone to turn their clocks BACK Sat. night...HaHaHaHa...idiots!!!

I joked my kids should be tardy due to their "typo."

Becky said...

Or Saskatchewan.

Or the farm just to the north of us, where the family refuses to change lol.

I, on the other hand, love it -- I love the extra daylight at the end of the day, and the fact that we get sunshine until 11 p.m. until the end of June. If we weren't so far north, though, it might not be as appealing a proposition, though the sleep business doesn't seem to bother anyone around here, thank goodness!

M__ said...

We have been out of it all week here. I like the one in the fall where we get an extra hour to sleep in the morning.

samuel said...

I second the extra hour of daylight. I love DST at least for that!

BridgetJ said...

I vote for DST ALL THE TIME!