Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I made him do it

I made him do it, I made him...


My ten year old son. He cut my hair.

Long story short, I've been growing my bangs out for a year. They're below my chin and just so out of sync with the back of my hair that was to the bottom of my shoulder blades. It's getting hot and I don't want so much hair when it's hot.

So why don't I go get a professional haircut like most normal people? Because I'm not normal. The urge to cut usually strikes me at night. And when it strikes, I want it NOW not tomorrow or later in the week.

My husband was passed out on the couch and I turned to poor Tommy and said, "It's time. Come into the bathroom with me."

Poor child was shaking like a leaf. "Mom, I'm nervous!" I said you can't mess it up, just cut straight across here and pointed to where I wanted him to start.

"Now I know what you feel like when you cut my hair" he almost cried.

I'm such a mean mom.

He did it. He did a fine job, too. It's perfectly straight. Should I pay him $20 that I would have paid a pro? Nah. I'll count it as school. Cosmetology 101.

I cut his hair half the time. He likes buzz cuts so I bought clippers a long time ago. Saves a lot of money. My husband has *never* had a professional hair cut since I've known him. He used to cut it but I could stand it no longer so got books from the library and a few videos and learned how to cut his. I've also picked up a few cosmetology textbooks from garage sales and book sales through the years. His is difficult because he's naturally curly. But I use the clippers on him now, too, because he likes it super short.

Ah, we're a weird family. I just cannot ever be normal. Making my 10-year-old son cut my hair is strange, but he lived. And I'm happy.

Gotta love instant gratification.


Kixque said...

HaHa...you sound just like us! I cut both my boy's hair, my daughters(well, trim hers as it's really long, one length and naturally curly) and my husbands. I just can't fathom paying 20 x 5 for haircuts. I'm lucky my sister is a cosmetologist. She does mine for free from home. And, I have learned a lot of tricks from watching her.

BridgetJ said...

My kids would laugh at me if I came at them with the scissors. I know the limits of my talent and so do they.

And who wants to be normal anyway? Normal is boring. And you, Frankie, are NOT boring.

Jo said...

I usually cut my daughter's bangs and give myself bangs whenever I get sick of my hairstyle having long bangs. The boys I won't cut though. I cut the oldest boy's once 3 years ago and he still is mad at me for it. I thought it looked good but he feels differently. LOL.

I'd be scared to death to have one of my kids cut my hair! I've seen them try to DRAW a straight line and that's not pretty so they are not getting any scissors around me!

Kudos to your son for doing so great!

contemplator said...

My son constantly wants to "fix" my hair, so I let him mangle it for a while and then I work 30 minutes to get the knots out. I have a multi-layered cut, so him cutting it is out unless I want to look like one of my own Barbie dolls circa 1988.

wisteria said...

You are brave. I wouldn't let my 10 year old get close to me with scissors. I also wouldn't touch a hair on my children's or husband's head. I learned my lesson early in our marriage. I thought curly hair would be easy to cut, so attempted to cut my husband's curly locks. He had to go to his Italian barber and the man said, "What happened, It is a disaster. Maybe I can do something, but . . ." I have never picked up the scissors, again.