Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Math Worksheet Site

I thought I would share this. The Math Worksheet Site is one of my favorite free worksheet generators. I've been making some worksheets today and just happened to come across the free open house. My printer is almost smoking now! lol

The Math Worksheet Site

Look to the right and click preview. The User Name is open and the password is house. The subscription area will be open to everyone through Sunday, April 23. If you wish to subscribe, it is $25 a year or you can subscribe for one month for $2.50. Not too bad of a deal.

This is one of my favorite sites because the worksheets are nice and clean, big, and have lots of room to work -- a necessity for my son.


h said...

Thank you for this link!

Our cheapo math workbooks from grocery stores or wherever are mostly about elaborate directions and irrelevant animal pictures. Anya gets annoyed because on every page I have to explain new instructions: "Okay, so you circle all the ones that add up to 10 and you put rectangles around the ones that add up to 12...." It's ridiculous.

Simple rows of problems on white paper is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!

Frankie said...

There are many, many free worksheet sites on the net but it takes so long to find what I'm looking for. I like this site because I can customize.

Another site you might try is You can download a free program to make your own worksheets. It's limited and is more "cluttered" than this site, but I've printed many worksheets from it as well.

Sometimes my son needs a lot of drill on something and I love being able to provide more than in the book and in the supermarket books.

Those supermarket books are ridiculous. They may have cute colors, but not much meat at all.

Jo said...

You rock girl! Thank you for posting that link. My printer is now smoking as well from all the printing. ;)

Kixque said...

You're awesome for linking this! My printer isn't smoking, but my hard drive is pretty full of customized worksheets now.

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