Saturday, May 20, 2006


Double-ear infection, sinusitis, and bronchitis. My whining is justified, cough-cough.

With all that, school got done this week. Friday was a very light day with reading and writing, but the writing took a long time. We also went to the library. (And of course I run into another homeschooler when I am coughing like a maniac, I am wearing NO makeup, my hair is pulled back and I look like an idiot.) Isn't that just peachy? lol

Our standardized test arrived in today's mail, so we'll be doing our test prep book next week and possibly starting the testing or waiting until the following week. I think Thomas will do very well again this year with the exception of spelling.

I have continued with my planning spree. I think that I am actually going to follow The Well-Trained Mind's suggestion for the Reader's Digest How It Works series of science books. I think we'll do How the Earth Works and How Science Works next year. If we do, we'll have to do science every single day because there is a lot of info in those books and a whole school year would be more adequate to cover everything in one book. My library had two books in that series, of course not the two I want to do next year, but my husband and I looked them over last night. We both think they jump around a lot and don't give a lot of supporting information. My kiddo is one who reads something on science and says: MORE. I think it will work, though.

We're going to do three Hakim books next year. Book 4, 5 and 6. We'll cover 4 and 5 the first semester and book 6 the second semester. I am toying with the idea of joining and getting the books on CD. Okay, so I have no idea how to download an audio file, let alone how to make a CD from the download. I am so behind the times. It's high-time I learn!

I'll be buying SOTW II on CD.

That's it for now, I'm ready for a long nap.

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Kixque said...

So sorry! Feel better soon. Hey, I think you need a cross country road trip...maybe you can stow away!