Friday, June 09, 2006

Garage Sales

This afternoon after lunch I looked around the house and all our hard work from yesterday disappeared. It was really messy again. Now most people would dive in and get it straightened up. Not me. I wanted out, so I grabbed the newspaper, highlighted the garage sales that were going on this afternoon, gave my son $5 and the door we went.

At our first garage sale I spent a whopping .55 for a really nice Grand Canyon book and -- don't laugh -- a cleaning book for me. (I collect cleaning books like some people collect cookbooks.) The woman holding the sale was very nice and friendly and I told her how beautiful her garden was. She had a garden that ran alongside her driveway with gorgeous flowers. I asked if they were Sweet William and she told me no, they were called Pinks. I could have sworn they were Sweet William. In fact, they were identical to what I planted two years ago, which were Sweet William. She said no, she was a master gardener and in fact they were Pinks. Perplexed, the first thing I did when I arrived home was google Sweet William and Pinks only to be relieved to find they are both Dianthus and I wasn't so crazy. Upon further research, I know that she actually had both Pinks and Sweet Williams.

I'm really funny this way, because I feel compelled to know the correct answer to life's little questionable conversations. We were both right. Nonetheless, they were gorgeous.

This same lady had some yellow perennial that she didn't know what it was and she dug one flower up for me. She told me she's giving one to everyone who comments about her flowers because they spread so fast, she wants rid of them, but appreciates compliments on her garden. I planted it in my garden and wished she would have given me three instead of one. I might have my husband drive by her sale and get me another. lol I offered to pay for it, but she said no.

We went to about ten sales total. Nothing to write home about, really, but we did pick up some Scholastic reading books for my son for ten cents apiece. I also got a four-tiered letter stacking tray for 50 cents. I wanted one for our homeschool table and knew they'd be a dime a dozen at sales.

The most fun part of our afternoon romp was what my son decided to purchase. We went to one sale that had a beautiful hibiscus plant for $2.50. He went straight for it. It surprised the proprietors, but not me. I was so very proud as he stood there asking question after question on the proper care of his hibiscus. What kind of sun should it get? Will it die in the winter? He was delighted to find he can bring it indoors and it will continue to grow. "Should I fertilize it?" was his final question. Just a cute moment. The proprietors were so taken with him that they cut the price in half. The man said, "You are such a nice young man that I think you deserve 50% off." Thomas's eyes grew huge and he gleamed.

He's not a "typical" boy. Yes, he loves frogs, toads, bugs and mud. He also has a very gentle and loving spirit that can appreciate flowers. He just makes me smile. He's my flower and it is so much fun watching him bloom.

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Becky said...

Yay for Thomas and glad you had fun "sale-ing" : )

I don't know if you get frost warnings in your neck of the woods in the winter, but if you do, bring the hibiscus inside. A frost, even a light one, will kill it. They're a tropical plant, living outdoors happily in Florida, the Caribbean, etc.

About the Pinks -- one of the handiest reasons to learn Latin is for gardening lol.