Saturday, October 21, 2006

Oh, boy, this is good...

So I belong to this popular (over 1000 members) yahoo group. It is a secular homeschooling group. So someone sends a post to this group talking about a neat new game geared toward homeschoolers. I read it, checked out the link, and the hair on my neck stood up.

I didn't post to the group because I just don't post to groups much anymore. However, others did. Some didn't like this new game and discussed it openly and freely. It is America, after all, and that sort of this is still allowed.

Lo and behold guess what happens next? We get a post from a gal who happens to be the sister of the game's creators. She just happened to join this "secular" group and is very surprised they are discussing her sister's game! Wow, shock. She was either tipped off or joined the group to shill, in my humble opinion.

So a few people "call her" on her comments. She came in and personally bashed, whereas we were discussing why we did not like the game. She pointed her finger at us and told us we needed to stand together as a community and not bash. She commented to one who was pro-game (or rather pro-her opinion) that he had character and she had much respect for him because he was able to stand up to the opposition.

Oh, give me a break.

So what is the game? It's called Homeschoolopoly. Like we need yet another monopoly game. I went to the website. Guess what I learned?

For $29.99 I can purchase their game. I clicked on the Affiliate page and read this:
There is no cost to join and you can start earning commissions today from this exciting new game that EVERY homeschooler will want to buy!
I think not. This homeschooler will never want to buy the game.

Number one, I would never buy the game because I have no interest in yet another monolopy game.

Number two, the community chest and chance cards were replaced by grace and mercy cards.

Number three, some of the companies represented in this game are: HSLDA, Homeschool Blogger, and the Old Schoolhouse. Read my right side bar on the last two. I am not a member of HSLDA because I do not support their agenda.

Number four, when you buy the game, that's not all you get. You get more -- much more. (Okay, see my post on The Old Schoolhouse and their 19 free gifts.) You get the game plus a homeschooling brochure and a homeschool resource guide. If you find a special ticket in your game, you get.....drum roll here.............

A free, one-year subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. The person who finds the very special ticket in their game gets a lifetime subscription to the magazine ~plus~ a $250 shopping spree at Bob Jones University Press.

Oh, yipee! Reminder: Old Schoolhouse supports Pearls, Pearls sell books on how to abuse your children. See my sidebar. I boycott Old Schoolhouse, Homeschoolblogger and the Pearls.

I do not buy anything from Bob Jones University Press, new or used, because they are openly anti-gay.

I would not have even posted about this had the sister of the game's developer not joined our group and condemned us for not having an open mind about the game. And she stated that this game teaches character traits. ??? Does it teach ethics? Does it teach that open and free discussion is a good thing? Does it teach that we can have our own opinions?

I'm sure it's a lovely game for those that fit their market. It was a creative idea. But it's 2006, not 1986, and the face of homeschooling has changed. It's not all Christians anymore. Somehow I doubt it ever was. It's a melting pot full of people of differing religions, politics, agendas. The common thread is that we all love and want the best for our children.

So just a note to developers and creative people out there. If you develop something for the homeschool market, don't have tunnel vision. We don't all fit the same mold. If you want to market to the entire homeschool community, do some research and really learn what the entire homeschool community exists of.

a nonconforming nonconformist Christian


Doc said...

Some friends and I, after reading about that game, kept busy entertaining ourselves for several days making parody cards and place names for such a game.

"Your denim jumper catches fire and you have to go to the naturopath - pay $200"

"Your son catches ecoli from unpasteurized milk - pay $1000 for funeral costs"

"Congratulations! Your daughters have decided to forego highschool and go straight to childbearing - collect $500"

And instead of railroads, we had car dealers who specialized in 15 passenger vans.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Frankie (and loved Doc's comments!).

I was disappointed but not surprised that the sister never answered my question, whether the item posted over at hs'er Wendy Priesnitz's blog, that "HSLDA is one of many businesses that have paid big bucks to have their
name and other promotional material on the game board and in a flyer
inserted in each box." I suspect it's true, which is why Sister avoided answering.

And that HSBlogger twist on Willy Wonka's Golden Tickets makes me ill...

Becky at Farm School (because Blogger isn't letting me comment properly)

Ms.L said...

mercy and grace cards???
Oh good lord (ha!)
I wouldn't buy it based on that alone.
And I did not know that about Bob Jones University Press,thank you for informing me!
I think this is an excellent post,you've touched on a lot of what I feel and believe and said it so beautifully.