Thursday, January 18, 2007


Do we expect enough of our children?

I ask this because I had an exchange with someone tonight that left me a little stunned. I was told by the CM in scouts that for tonight's pack meeting, my six Webelos had received $150 worth of awards. About a quarter of that were badges and three quarters were belt loops and pins. My son received the most, but was followed closely by others.

Over the past year and a half, three of my six boys (including Thomas) earned every single Webelos badge available. Thomas earned every academic belt loop and almost half of the sports belt loops. I am very proud of my boys. They all worked very hard.

Anyway, the CM shared with me that the district told him that my den has received more awards than any other den in our district -- ever.

While I am very proud of that, I am stunned. We worked the program. We had great boys with great parents who helped them with the badges we did not do in the den. They worked on belt loops outside of the den as well. I am stunned, though, because it really wasn't that hard. I cannot fathom why dens across the district, state and US don't earn more awards.

If we teach our children to strive for excellence, they will. If we settle for good enough, that's what we'll get.

I am so proud of my boys.


Angela, MotherCrone said...

That is terrific. When mine was in cubs, he got all of his Webelo awards as well, as did everyone else but one (who did not attend regularly). The CM praised this as amazing, and I was proud. The difference, though, is that another mom and I took over the organization of the program, with the male leaders just doing what was laid out for them. If each child attended regularly, they could easily attain it all.
Now that my son is a BS, I am appalled at the lack of organization offered for the boys to reach advancements and merit badges. They will spend a month focusing on a top that matches a merit badge, yet not do one badge activity in the meetings? It baffles me, yet this group of men will not hear word one on changing it. How can they expect teenagers to be organized when they don't set the example?

Mama B said...

Yay!! That is so great! I've heard similar comments as mothercrone about the lack of activities here in our area too. Occasionally the boys seem to just get together and do "nothing"??

Spectacular job Frankie because a lot of what goes on is dependent on the leadership!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Frankie, to you and the boys! Nicely done.