Friday, February 02, 2007

A Scouting Solution

Thomas decided to not move on to Boy Scouts. Bob and I are definitely okay with that decision. In fact, we were to the point that we would have said no had he wanted to join.

We have a scout master who is busy in school and forgets everything. He has been sexist in the past. He's just not leader material. Nice enough guy, though. We have an assistant SM that is a nice guy but is openly bigoted toward gay people. Uhm, that just doesn't fly with me. If it weren't for that one huge character flaw, he'd be semi-okay -- except for the fact that he, too, is somewhat sexist. We have another assistant SM who farts and belches out loud at meetings. I'm talking committee meetings, pack meetings -- every time I've ever been around her, she's passed gas in some fashion. The worst about her, though, was the time that we attended a district pinewood derby race a few years back. We were at our fairgrounds. Another mom and I went outside for a break. We were sitting in my car and saw this woman walk through all the parked cars. Then, right in front of us, she dropped her drawers and urinated all over the parking lot. The possibility of a boy seeing this was extremely high. The mom and I sat there with our chins on our chests. The woman was looking around as she was relieving herself, locked eyes with me, and was shocked. She pulled her pants up and went running.

The funny part about this story? (As if there could be a funny part!) There was a indoor public restroom about 50 feet from where we were.

Everyone is human, and everyone is flawed. I have more flaws that I dare admit to here. However, I'm not bigoted toward gays, I don't think I'm sexist, and I know not to fart, belch and pee in public. Those are not qualities I want leading my son. for some reason I remembered that there is a program called The Lone Scout. I called someone in the know in our district and she told me who to call for further info. I have put my call in and am awaiting response. I am hoping that Thomas will be able to do this. He should, because one of ways you can register is:

Boys being home schooled whose parents do not want them in a youth group.

Yup, we qualify for that. For the reasons stated above, and much, much more. I guess I should say not any youth group, but that specific youth group.

I have looked over the merit badges at Merit Badge Dot Com and I like what I see. So Lone Scouting will be a solution. We would still be able to participate in district events, service projects, and camps.


samuel said...

While I definitely see your point concerning some of the adults around you and Thomas, I was laughing my ass off reading this post. One of Momma's derby teammates chose Napalm Blownapart as her derby name, and that very quickly was changed to Napalm Blownafart as that is what she's best known for. People peeing outside, mere feet from the actual rest room is something you get used to living in the south. I've known people who would walk outside the house to pee off the porch rather than walk down the hall.

Having said all that, these are not characteristics anyone would want in a leader of children, and though amused, I'm also astounded that the entire group didn't say something.

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

Augh! Wrote a long comment. and it disappeared.

I am totally with you on that! It took two years of checking before I found a troop of quality leaders who I respected enough to let take my child into the woods for a weekend! LOL! We travel for this, but it is worth it. He does enjoy scouting much more now than when he was alone, but I think it is his age and the leadership.
Girlie did Juliettes for years for the same reason (like Lone Scouts). There is so mcuh that can be gained from the program without the stress of a bad troop.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Hi, Frankie!

We were very lucky last year when N. bridged to Scouts. We had a choice of 4-5 different troops that were courting the boys from our cub pack. We chose a troop that had a good range of ages (so that there would be good mentoring from older scouts) and that had a leader who understood N.'s disabilities and had a great deal of experience as a scoutmaster. He also works at the same place as my DH so we have good communication.
The assistant leaders and the troop adult committee members are all people we either know or who have a good reputation.

I am so glad they have the Lone Scout option, though, because I would not want my son exposed to the attitudes or behaviors you discussed in your post.