Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Well, shoot

We decided to take Monday and Tuesday off from school as originally planned. Thomas still wasn't up to par so the break, we figured, would be nice.

Sunday Thomas went ice skating for an hour, came home and crashed. Today he was very crabby. It wasn't registering in my head he didn't feel well, I just thought he was in a mood. However, tonight was train club night. Thomas and his father scared the you-know-what out of me by coming home way early. Bob said that Thomas was running the trains but wasn't asking any questions, which is very atypical. Finally Thomas asked for a chair to sit down and rest in. That's when they decided to come home. Thomas went to bed. Immediately.

I've been reading about this virus. Lots of my e-friends' families have had it. I hear it lasts a few weeks. Sigh.

How on earth do you school when your kiddo(s) are sick like this? Even worse, how on earth do parents and kids deal with public school? I am very thankful we're not doing the public school thing right now, but I feel very sorry for all those kids.

Well, tomorrow we'll do math. After that, I think we should climb into my bed and read, do English orally, and wing it from there. Bed school. Sounds like the only solution to me. And if need be, nap school.

Ugh, ugh, ugh.


wisteria said...

Sorry Thomas isn't feeling well. Hopefully, it won't be too much longer, but school in bed sounds terrific.

Gherkin Pickle said...

I hope Thomas starts feeling better soon. I keep a collection of Discovery School and Magic School Bus videos around just for those kinds of days. They can lay in bed and I can call it science! lol

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Gosh--there are so many sick people among the blogs I read and so many who have not updated in a long time that I am getting worried about them.

N. had a virus last week and the week before. He would go through periods of feeling sort-of-o.k. and periods where he just couldn't function.

When I was a teacher we seemed to have these years where you had one quarter to half the class gone because of sickness. When that happened, we just didn't do anything new or important until it was over with.

When N. is sick or just overwhelmed I bring out the media: History channel videos, science videos (we love NOVA), and even This Old House.

Finally, there's nothing wrong with having a real sick day if the kid needs to sleep.

Chicken soup, hot lemonade, tea with honey--all of these foods help the healing process or at least make the kiddo more comfortable.