Tuesday, March 20, 2007

For Mama B -- Gila Window Films

Mama B, at Home Depot I bought Gila Glare Control Smoke colored window film. It was $11 and some change for each roll. It took one roll for each window (with some left over). Each window is about 24 by 52 inches. I pieced the remnants to cover a third window, but that looks really tacky.

Our kitchen faces east and the films make a huge difference in the morning. I installed them on the inside -- a no-no if you have thermal pane or dual pane windows, which I do have. Our windows are so old, that I didn't think it could damage them. We went through below-zero temps with the clings above the kitchen sink and the windows are fine. But I wouldn't do that on new, good windows.

The room did get darker. It's still light enough to sit at the kitchen table and read a book, though.

The best thing about these films for me is the privacy factor. These are not their privacy films, but they do a fantastic job of affording us privacy. At dusk I went outside to look in. All the lights were on. I had Thomas stand by the window and wave and I could not see him. I loved that! We can see out just fine.

So just a cheap fix for us but one that makes me very happy. Next time I hit the big city I plan to buy three more rolls (there goes that money again) and do our living room.

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Mama B said...

Thanks Frankie! Privacy was really important to us when we lived in town too. I had thick curtains and blinds on our bedroom to keep out our peeping neighbors. (They didn't really mean to peep its just their kitchen and our bedroom windows lined up :D)

I'll have to check it out for our living room and kitchen. During the summer when the sun is setting it blinds any who are in those rooms. But if I slide the curtains it makes it quite dark. I am hoping the film will give me a happy medium :D