Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mid-morning snow report

A rare site -- a cardinal at our milk-jug
feeder. Usually only the chickadees indulge at the milk jug.

It has been the most beautiful morning here! The snow is gorgeous. Great big fluffy flakes continuously falling.
Thomas curled up in my bed and read a book after working on his new time line. I actually watched The View ... both on TV and out the window.

I wish my good camera was working because the Razor phone doesn't take the best photos. You can't see those gorgeous snowflakes.

I learned a new term today. While watching The View, the Twin Cities news came on during a commercial. They talked about "thunder-snow." I had never heard that. Apparently there is a lot of thunder-snow in Minnesota today. Thankfully not where I live.
It's been fun watching my neighbor. They run a day care. The kids have not been out playing, but there has been a constant stream of cars. Even if the schools are closed, the work places are not. I bet it's crazy in her house today. At any rate, it's been fun watching them go out every half hour and snow blowing the driveway. They keep their drive very clean because of the day care. The snow is so heavy and falling so fast that they are working very hard to keep up with it. The snow is winning.


Gherkin Pickle said...

You get thunder snow I...I am getting thunder showers! We are in the middle of a rain storm...supposed to get 2 inches of rain and then snow on top of that. Wow! I love cadinals...wish they were here!

Ms.L said...

I love your enthusiasum!
We just had a wee flurry last night,nothing as exciting as you got:)
I'd never heard of thunder snow before this year either.
I never knew there could be such a thing!

Becky said...

Enjoy your snow!

Mama B said...

Thunder-snow? New to me! We've got wind, wind and more wind combined with some flurry snow. Yay what fun :P

One thing I noticed here is that if you entice the cardinals nearby the next year you'll see more because they seem to live "together" so they keep the juveniles nearby too. We're up to six pair now :D They are so cool!

mull-berry said...

We love cardinals here, too! The radar shows that you're under a big blue swirl that doesn't appear to be going anywhere. Have fun staying warm.

Anonymous said...

The pics are great-I need to do more of that with my Hschoolers.