Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What a Dope I Am

I had on my calendar this morning: field trip, 10 am. We were going to the local bakery four a tour with the local homeschool group.

Thomas and I showed up at 9:50, and because it's snowing so heavily, we decided to wait in the car and enjoy the snow show. Not a single family showed up. At ten after, we decided to just head home. I thought perhaps the trip was canceled due to snow.

I am just thankful that I didn't go in. I could have gone in and asked if it had been cancelled, but knowing my experience with the group and that they show up at the very last minute, I knew no one was in there. I didn't recognize any cars.

Well, what a dope I am. We were 10 minutes and one WEEK early.

Good grief.

Back to Titanic. We checked out about half the library's books on Titanic. Thomas read two of the books last night, watched volume one of a four-volume Titanic documentary, and has been working on his lapbook. He just loves Titanic. We're going to snuggle up and watch volume 2 this morning -- instead of touring a bakery.

He has his ceramics class this afternoon, and he is going to get a dinner plate and paint the Titanic on it.


momof3feistykids said...

Bummer! I have definitely been there done that.


Carrie said...

Umm... better early than late? :)

Mama B said...

Aww Frankie I'm with Carrie better early than late. Which I am perpetually. Its like my mantra "its at 10 we'll be there at 10 after 10" Blah....

My little guy likes the titanic too though we aren't into it as much as Thomas yet. Do you think the documentary is too much for a 5 yr old? I'm not familiar with it at all.

We've watched the building big series which both boys loved. But for the most part if focuses on the engineering not the human losses.
Have you and Thomas seen that series? Its awesome!

Frankie said...

We have the A&E documentary, so it was on TV at one point. I am finding it very depressing. Thomas is picking up a lot of details that he has missed in his reading, or confirming details he's read.

I don't know that a 5 year old could handle it in the sense that at that age it might be too boring. Thomas has mentioned that it gets boring in parts, and he's 11. But content wise -- well, I guess I would have been okay with T. watching it when he was young, knowing some things would go over his head. And he did see the hollywood movie -- repeatedly when he was young. He did mention to me when we watched the real movie yesterday that when he was a kid, he didn't know what they were doing in that car and he thinks he has it figured out. I smiled and said you're right.

This was made at least 10 years ago so there were survivors still alive that were interviewed. So loss of life was discussed.

Comments about the horrible screams were the worst part to me.

So I don't know. I'm a little more liberal in what I let Thomas watch, esp. when he was younger. As long as I watched it with him and we could discuss it. If it got to scary, I'd just shut it off.

I think Thomas gets the death part, he's starting to tune into the class issues and the humanity, but for him the focus is still the biggest ship of its time, the science behind it, etc.

Thomas had many Titanic books when he was younger, so I have never sheltered it from him.


Mama B said...

Thanks Frankie that's helpful. We'll have to pass on it at the moment because everything we want my almost 3yr old watches too and he's going through a big "its to scary" time. I'll put in on the list for things to watch in the future.

Today we watched a little movie about the USS Constitution. What he (5yr) remembers most the "gun powder monkey" who so says my boy "was a 14 yr old boy who crawled around the big guns"

Ms.L said...

Hee but being early is way better than being late;p

What a let down though!
Aww well,next week you'll have lots
to look forward too:)

Becky said...

Well, at least you should be on time next week lol.

I'm glad he's enjoying his latest passion.