Thursday, April 19, 2007

Where's the Beef?

Or, Where's Thomas's Titanic?

Well, I asked him to bring it to me so I could scan it and we can't. He had painted over the white Titanic letters and I don't want wet paint on my scanner. I could take a photo, but I would have to find the camera, clear a spot in my messy kitchen and shoot it, come back down, upload it....I'm lazy. Tomorrow.

This is the first time he has sat down to paint. He draws a lot and is fairly good at that. He's been learning perspective from little hints from dad and from a book I try to read. He just really wants to paint now.

We've been using Tempera paints. Did you know that Tempera paint stinks? My husband walked through the kitchen and asked, "Is something burning?" No, hon, it's just the paints.

DH scrounged up about 20 of his art books. They cut some plywood on the saw for painting boards and primed them. Tomorrow DH is going to dig out his "good" brushes that he has hidden from me. We may have to make a trip to a hobby store and get Thomas his own set. We will also take stock of our acrylics supply. We're going to move him on to acrylics. I need a 48-hour day to keep up.

Anyway, tonight Thomas used the stinky paint to make a Titanic poster. He was surprised that he wouldn't' be able to finish in one night. Imagine that. He wants the poster hanging in his room. I tell him it looks great. Dad says it looks great but the Titanic is out of proportion. Huh? I look and again, Dad is right.

Bob has agreed to add an art teacher feather to his cap. He's now official science teacher, he's always been the unschooling science guy, but now artist.. I think it works out great that Bob and I are so different that we are good at different things. We've got Thomas covered!!!

Time to close, as it's an early day tomorrow. Our library is having a book sale. I don't know a single homeschooler that doesn't take advantage of library book sales. I'm hoping to find some goodies tomorrow!


Carrie said...

Ahh, you're lucky. Okay, not so much with the funky paint smells, lol, but with the voluntarily helpful hubby. Can we trade a few days out of the week? ;)

Seriously though, now that I know your hubby knows something about art, I'm sure I'll be able to think up some questions for him! I am craftsy, but not artsy.

Mama B said...

Thomas is one lucky lad! We (my boys and I) look forward to getting to see his Titanic. My 3yr old loves when I read here because of the TRAINS! There's TRAINS mommy! TRAINS! You make my 3yr olds day every time!

Kamrin said...

I can't wait to see it!

Becky said...

You have a Renaissance man, honey :)

Have fun at the sale, and you have to share what you get with us!