Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Not Much to Talk About

Our test arrived today, finally! We've completed two of the legs. I want this done quickly, Thomas wants to take his time and do two sections a day. We'll see about that.

The bunny that we were going to adopt: Well, when Thomas's friend got home from school that day, he came down to inform us that the bunny had died that morning. Very sad. I'm just hoping it didn't perish because it was being held so much.

I have to pay bills. I hate paying bills. I'd rather clean public restrooms. Seriously.

Uhm, oh -- something cool. I renewed my subscription to ancestry.com (thank you, credit card) and have taken up genealogy again. I worked on it all weekend. One of my goals is to get into the DAR. I was reading a little about the DAR and it used to be a not-so-nice organization if you were anything but white. But it seems they have changed their ways, so I'm okay with it. This is going to be an expensive endeavor. I'll have to contact many states' historical societies and get "proofs" or things such as birth and death records, marriage records, land deeds, etc. To get the death records for my grandparents it will cost $17 each. In the scheme of things, that's not really that much, but when you consider I'll have to get five generations' worth of birth, marriage and death records -- ouch. I have a feeling this will be a slow process.

That's about it. Thomas had his art class today. He has train club tonight. I need to go to the store. I'm out of coffee filters! Oh, the horror of it all, having to make my completely-necessary coffee with a paper towel. I'm also out of cereal. I just cannot start the day without my 40% Bran Flakes -- no wait, that's what they were called in the '70s. Today they're called Complete Bran Flakes. I eat a serving of those with a serving of Kellog's Bran Buds every morning for breakfast. I get about 25 grams of fiber to start my day. Yum. Today we had bagels for breakfast and I just felt off all day. (evil grin)

Oh, the Carnival of Homeschooling is up at Bev's About Homeschooling site.
I like Bev. That makes two great hosts in a row. Hopefully that trend will continue.

That's about it.


Anonymous said...

About coffee filters, lol -- have you considered getting a permanent/gold filter? It's eco-friendly & that way, you never run out of filters!

We have one that we've had for years. I just rinse it out after each use & then stick it in the dishwasher along w/ the rest of the load. (We make a few pots of coffee a week & our filter has lasted for years & years -- at least 10-12 years, I think.)

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, a quick google search came up w/ this info:
http://www.fantes.com/coffee_filters.htm (I have no idea about this particular site, but our filter looks like the one that is the SwissGold Permanent Coffee Filter. I can't check right now, though, because I'm not at home.)

Just a thought.... :-)

the GA peach (who is now considering brewing a pot of coffee!) ;-)

momof3feistykids said...

Geneology ... awesome! :-) I am sorry to hear about the bunny. I hope Thomas isn't too terribly sad.

Ms.L said...

Haaa,I use paper towels in a fix too;p

Sorry bout the Bunny,that's sad:(

Anonymous said...

How's T taking the bunny news? Sorry to hear it! :-(

the GA peach ;-)