Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Morning

I was reading blogs this morning and learned it was cold all over yesterday. Audrey at A Small Corner of Nowhere was digging for blankets and going through her son's clothes.

Thomas and I did that last night. We brought all of his drawers into the living room because there's more room in there. Poor kid was trying everything on for me--a task no child likes. Maybe girls like that, but I've never known a boy to like that. I made my piles for keep and donation.

In the mean time, I needed to do laundry. I made two loads of just T's clothes. He wears more clothes than I do! When he gets dirty, and he really gets dirty in the summer and I view that as a good thing, he changes. I put the first load in the wash and went off to do something. When I came back, there was water all over my laundry room floor! This happened last weekend when I did laundry, too. We thought that it was the drain hose from the air conditioner because it got moved away from the drain and was extremely humid last weekend. Not so. It was the floor drain backing up.


So it's about 9:30 at night when I discover this. Wal-Mart to the rescue! I have been meaning to blog about the joys of Wal-mart but never got around to it. My teeny, tiny town finally stepped into the 21st century and a new Wal-mart opened a few weeks ago. A Super-Wal-mart.

Thomas and I went on opening day. It was packed. It was lovely. I don't like their floors, they're stamped concrete stained an ugly brown. They're supposed to be environmentally friendly. Concrete floors are not Frankie's-back friendly. Oh well. The brown will serve a good purpose as they won't look dirty, I see why they chose that color.

Aside from the ugly floors, and the fact that they have an arcade -- bluch!!! -- it's a wonderful store. Thomas is not happy with his mom because I rant on about how arcades are a complete waste of money. Thomas went to Wal-mart opening week once with me and twice with his friend. This friend is a claw-machine addict. And Thomas wanted to spend all his money with his buddy on the claw machines. I ended up letting him take two dollars each time for the arcade, but with the warning that we will not be spending money there on a regular basis.

I'm so mean. Bob and I got to talking and I had completely forgot that we used to play at arcades -- a lot -- when we were a young couple. Then I remembered that I used to play as a teenager. I think I'll stick to my two-dollar-once-in-a-blue-moon rule, though. He can have fun with two bucks every once in awhile.

Back to last night, at 9:30 I bought two bottles of Drano. And a gallon of milk. And a package of Hebrew National hot dogs. (Always wanted to try those.) We got home a little before 10. The minute I put our bag down and the milk in the fridge, I started ranting, "I hate Wal-mart, I hate Wal-mart."

I don't hate Wal-mart, but I hate their circular bagging things that the clerks use. I realize that those things save time for the clerk. But this was the SECOND time since our Wal-mart opened that one of my bags got left behind.

I wonder how much Wal-mart makes because of those circular bagging things. (What are those called, anyway?) So off to Wal-mart I go again. The clerk has my bag of Drano. She said, "Don't fret, you're not the first person this has happened to." I snorted back, "This shouldn't happen to anyone."

When I visited Wally-World after the first time I left one of my bags at Wal-mart, I joked with the clerk that I didn't want to leave anything behind again. She told me that it is the clerk's job to make sure we get all our stuff. Well, she's the only clerk that has ever told me that or has loaded my cart with bags.

So I will have to be very vigilant from now on. Things is, after I'm done shopping, I'm usually tired and ready to get home. That means I'm not in "think" mode. Guess I'll have to snap out of it.

We were happy to find a nice selection of clothes for Thomas last night at very good prices. Thomas liked the shirts that came with a tie. That's what he wants, and he wants to wear a tie to school. Alex P. Keaton. We didn't buy anything, but I'm sure we will in the near future.

I started laundry up again this morning and the Drano did not work. I still had water all over my floor. Yuck. Guess I'll be calling a roto rooter man first thing tomorrow.


Wisteria said...

I wish it had been cold here. We are still in the upper 90s and wishing for Fall.

Kamrin said...

It got "cool" here when the temps dropped to 99 (heat index still had us at 103~but hey!)! We were practically dancing with the 7 degree drop!
I hope your drain woes will be gone soon!

Kate in NJ said...

Sorry to hear about your drain issues. I only ever go to Wallmart
with my sister, we takes turns watching the bags,lol.
Such a pain!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I hope the Draino worked!

I shop at Wal-Mart sometimes. There are certain things they have that I can get easily and get out, and at a good price, too. And they carry Lee Rider jeans that I can buy off the shelf because I know what will fit.

But I agree about the floors. And I dislike the "blue" light. N. has a hard time with it, too, and when he goes with me he retreats to the outside garden store area. :)

Gherkin Pickle said...

I just bought Hebrew National myself for the first time. I hope they are good. WalMart has good prices on some things but I would rather shop at a smaller store for most things. Too big means too much money spent. :(